Thursday, April 30, 2015

And She Can See

As I mentioned in this post, Blake will now be wearing glasses. Last week, we headed to the place our doctor recommended us, but they didn't take our insurance. They had so many options and I really liked the way that they fit Blake. I reluctantly left and headed to Target Optical, where my insurance does cover.

But Target had a VERY small selection for kids and I really didn't like any of them. Either they were just plain ugly, or they didn't fit right and would fall off of her head. Even though it was a bit more expensive, I headed back to the other place and ordered her two pairs of glasses. I'm sure it'll be worth paying the extra to actually have them stay on her face.

Her main pair that I ordered are on back order and probably wont be here for another week or two. The second pair that I got came in yesterday. After only two days of having them, I can already tell a difference. 

It was very interesting to watch it all go down. Last week when we were trying the glasses on, Blake HATED them. I had to restrain her to even put them on, and if I let go of her arms, she would immediately rip them off. She was screaming, throwing herself around, and making it impossible to try to take a picture. 

Here are a few of the different pairs we tried on.
I thought these were cute, but they were just a bit too big. 

 I also kind of liked these Nike ones, but they were very pricey. 
This was the pair that I ended up going with. They are different than normal glasses in the part by the ear is extended and wraps all the way around the ear so they really stay put. They weren't necessarily my favorites, but they seemed to be the ones Blake liked the most. They were the only ones that she didn't pull off immediately. And really, it's not about what I like. The most important thing is that she wears them. 
Because we could get a second pair for half-off, I decided to go with these Dora glasses. We got a call saying the Dora glasses were ready and we went to pick them up yesterday. I wanted to get a video when she very first tried them on, but I wasn't able to. But when we put the glasses on, she instantly froze. Then she slowly started looking around. I could see her eyes just looking around the room, taking everything in. I couldn't get her to look at me for a picture because she was so engrossed with looking at everything else.

After a few adjustments, we were on our way with Blake in her new glasses. I stopped outside the store and got this video.

And when we got out to the car, she couldn't take her eyes off of the window. It was fun to watch her just take everything in and experience seeing things clearly for the first time. 

I was amazed at how well she did all day long. She took them off once or twice, and one time hid them in a place that took me FOREVER to find and almost had me in full on panic, rip-apart-the-house mode. But overall, she kept them on and did super great. Way better than I was expecting. 
I'll admit when I first heard she'd have to get glasses, I was a little worried at how they would look. A lot of kids look super cute in glasses, but some just look a little dorky. And if she fell into that latter category, oh well. But after seeing her in them and watching her, I've decided that she is more adorable than ever.  

I mean just look at that face! How cute is she?!
And of course, Will had to have some glasses as well. 
Whether is just coincidence or not, she has been a really happy girl the past two days. She no longer stands inches away from the tv, and I'll frequently find her staring and looking at everything. She seems to enjoy wearing them, and has brought them to me several times today telling me they were dirty and asking me to clean them. I'm thrilled that she seems to be doing so well with them and I'm happy for her that she no longer has to live how she was. 

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