Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Poor Blake

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have had concerns with Blake's eyes for quite some time. Often one of her eyes will turn in-wards. I thought that maybe she had a lazy eye or something like that. Her normal pediatrician recommended that we see an Ophthalmologist to get it checked for sure. The doctor I wanted was booked about 2 months out, but we finally had our appointment today.
 Her eyes look normal most of the time, but occasionally there will be something "off". As usual, when you are at the doctor, everything appears fine and it's hard to tell if there is a problem. Initially, I was afraid that might be the case. 

The doctor did a couple of little tests, then he put some drops in her eyes to help dilate them. By doing that, he was able to look into her eyes and see how far-sighted she is.

It turns out that she is very far-sighted and her eyes definitely have some problems. He explained that because her eyes are so bad and she has to strain so hard, that sometimes it pulls the eye inwards.

Looks like Blake gets to be the little toddler running around with glasses. Her prescription is a +4.25, and the doctor didn't even write it for the full amount. Mine is only +1.25 and I struggle to see. I can't even imagine what she must see the world like.

The doctor made it sound serious, yet not something to be super alarmed and panicked over. He said that it was something that if we didn't try to correct, her vision may never develop and she might not see. He talked about how this was going to be a rough battle, but he was confident that we could help. It sounded like we might be spending a lot of time in the future with him. Yay.

I'm wondering how in the heck I'm going to get this girl to keep glasses on her head, even if we get the goggle ones. But I am excited to see what changes are going to happen. With her eyes so bad and straining so much, I have to wonder if she gets headaches, or is in discomfort. I'm curious to watch how she reacts when she can finally see things. Hopefully, I can get her glasses tomorrow, and I'll post a picture of how she looks in them. Wish me luck.

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  1. No fun, but I might think that little kids with glasses is one of the cutest things ever. :) If you need to get a cheap spare pair, look at - super affordable, especially for kid glasses that might get lost/break easily. Post pics soon, I'm excited to see her! Miss you guys!