Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pregnancy Update

October is here and it will soon be time for us to meet our little girl. As of today, I am 38 weeks along. I'm made the decision to be induced at 39 weeks, which means that I will be holding this baby in a week or less. One more week! 
36 Weeks Baby #3
Lance and I are very anxious for her to come out. He's looking forward to a few days off work, and I'm looking forward to not being pregnant anymore. I'm honestly not sure if it has really sunk in that we will have a newborn within the next week. 

The last month of pregnancy is always difficult. The waiting game gets tiring and you are constantly hoping for a miracle that your baby might come early without any issues. But of course, things never seem to go as you want. So the waiting continues. I tell myself that she probably wont come until the induction date, but there is that small part that I'm trying to bury deep that is hoping she comes a few days earlier. The weekend would be much more convenient in so many ways and would be a big blessing.  

Usually at this point in my pregnancy, I am basically crazy. I am obsessed with doing anything and everything to get that baby out. I feel like I am doing much better this time around. I am still very anxious, but I'm trying to fill my days with activities to keep me busy, and I'm not thinking about it nearly as much. I'm made a small list of things I want to have done before she comes, and I'm working on checking those items off. 

Surprisingly, I've been sleeping really well, which is a miracle in and of itself. Usually I'd be up going to the bathroom 4-8 times a night, plus just general restlessness. But lately I've been getting decent sleep. It's definitely something I'm going to take advantage of this final week and really enjoy sleeping without constant interruptions. 
38 Weeks Baby #3
The kids seem to understand a little bit what is coming, but I'm not exactly sure how they will react. Will is very excited for his little sister. Blake....not so much. When I ask her if she wants her baby sister to come out, she says, "No, she's not big enough yet." And when I ask her if she loves her, she says, "No, I love grandma". So it will be really interesting to see how Blake does.  

It's the final countdown! Perhaps my next blog post will be announcing the arrival of our little one. How exciting!

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