Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tiny Shots

Will has finally hit the age where he can start playing sports. While most don't start for another year or so, I was able to find a league for him to play soccer. It started a couple of weeks ago and he has loved every minute.
The coach does a little 30 minute practice, then they have a 30 minute game. During practice, they stretch, dribble the ball, practice shooting, etc. The kids are a bit wild, but they have fun.

The game, of course, if a pile of kids chasing after the ball. Well, except the kids that are too busy doing cartwheels, chasing butterflies, or just laying in the grass. The kids crowd around the ball, kicking and pushing, and all out pandemonium. Then one kid tends to break free with the ball and takes off down the field. And continues down the field...and onto the other field...and past everything until the coaches can get them stopped and redirected back to their game. It can be pretty funny. You think the kid is going straight for the goal, and they dribble right past it and keep going. 
During Will's very first game, they had him start with the ball and kick off. Immediately he dribbled down the field and scored a goal. He did this again a few minutes later. It really seemed like it understood what to do. Then following game, he would roll around in the grass every time the ball got a little far away from him. Or yesterday, he was too busy picking grass and throwing it at people to care about what was going on. Yeah, my kid is "that kid". 
But he is also the kid who decides this is tackle football instead of soccer. He runs with his arms out, pushing whoever gets in his way. One time, he flat out leveled a kid who was about to score. I heard someone jokingly say "give him a red card". So I guess he is also "that kid" too. But he is having fun and learning little by little.

His coach does great with the kids and we have had a lot of fun watching. 
 Is this not the cutest little soccer player you have ever seen?

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