Thursday, October 29, 2015


I really had no idea how Will and Blake were going to react to having a new baby in the house. Will seemed to be pretty excited and was always talking about how he was going to help hold the baby and feed the baby. I'm not sure Blake really understood what was coming, but she just copied what Will said. I thought she would be pretty apathetic and all but ignore the baby.
So I was a bit surprised when both kids were pretty much obsessed with her. The night that we brought her home, the kids were bouncing off of the walls with excitement. They wanted to see her, hold her, tickle her, you name it. It was hard to get them to go to sleep.
The following day or two were more or less the same. They were so intrigued with her and wanted to be right next to her all of the time, especially Blake. When I put her in the swing, they would literally just sit on the floor and stare at her.

And they were both on super high alert. If Austin made the smallest noise, both kids were up, had a bottle/binky and were trying to force it in her mouth within seconds. Seriously, you could see them shaking from excitement, just waiting until she did something and they could help. It didn't take long for her to try and hide from her siblings.
As more time has passed, the excitement has worn down a little. They still love to help and fight over who gets to sit close to their sister, but they've gotten much better at leaving her alone. It is a lot of fun watching them interact with Austin and seeing how much they love her. If Austin makes a noise, Blake always runs to me to tell me that her baby sister is talking to her. Sometimes they can be a bit obnoxious and try to smother her a little too much, but it's sweet to see how much they care for her already. 

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