Saturday, April 23, 2011

39 Week Update

The biggest mistake you could ever do while pregnant is planning on your baby coming early. I was so sure that Will would come early that is has made the last week practically intolerable. And I still have a full week until my due date! Don't even mention to me that there is a possibility he will come late. At any rate, I figure I will have this baby anytime between now and 13 days at the latest, seeing as they will finally induce me at 41 weeks. However, I'm really hoping I don't have to wait that long. One of the main reasons that I am so anxious to get him here is because my mom has this coming week off work. So she would be able to come and help out longer, and I know I am going to want her here. Whereas if he waits longer to come, she will probably only be able to stay a few days.

We had our 39 week appointment with Dr. Olsen yesterday. I was still only about 1.5 cm dilated, but I suppose that is better than nothing. He said the baby had dropped, which is also a good thing. He also stripped my membranes, hoping to help speed the process up a little bit. I went on a two hour walk shortly after he stripped me, but as of yet not much as changed. He said about 50% of women will go into labor within 3-4 days. I hoping I'll be one of those 50%.

I feel like I've been very blessed with this pregnancy. The last 2 weeks have definitely been a big struggle for me, but then I hear of friends who struggle the entire 9 months! I am trying really hard to find something to be grateful for right about now. So here goes: I am grateful that I still have never thrown up. I am grateful that I never got really nauseated or an upset stomach. I am grateful for the technology that we have today that allows us to monitor our children so closely and make sure things are going alright. I am grateful for doctors. I am grateful that my body has not completely fallen apart and that I am still able to be active and do the things that I need and want. I am grateful that I have been able to work as long as I have. I am grateful for all my family and friends who have been there to support us. I am grateful for my daily phone conversations with my mom. I am grateful for this precious little boy that I have inside me. And mostly, I am grateful for Lance.

The two things I have struggled most with in the past weeks is my emotions and sleep. And I am sure that they are highly correlated. I have been having an extremely difficult time sleeping at night due to constant bathroom breaks, sore back, hips on fire, uncomfortable mattress, etc. I am used to running on little amount of sleep, but at least it was a little amount of good sleep. Now it's just little amounts of terrible sleep. Then throw in the fact that I feel COMPLETELY bipolar most of the time. I will have one day where I am completely happy and not really caring when this little guy gets here. Then the next day, a monster takes over and it is the only thing I can think about ALL DAY long. On these days, I'll usually burst into tears at least 4-5 times and pretty much just sulk around the whole day. The worst part is that I realize I am doing it, and I know that I need to do something to make it better, but I seem to be unable to. I'm not sure who it's more frustrating for: Lance or me. He tries so hard to cheer me up, and I am so grateful to him for that. He is the main reason that I am surviving this and trying to stay positive. Lance will massage my back at least 1-4 times a day. Or he'll rub my feet after my walks. He still always tells me I'm beautiful. Pretty much, he's just amazing. I don't know what I would do without him.

Well, I suppose that's a decent update for now. Hopefully this will be my last post before we introduce our little baby into the world, but there may still be time for another one. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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  1. I had my membranes stripped 3 times. Guess I'm that other statistic. Did nothing for me. She was still a week late. However, my neighbor got hers done and walah! She had him the next day. Hopefully he comes on time, but the good thing is that he will come. My grandma went 3 weeks over with one of hers. I would have died. I'm grateful I went over only one week. Good luck!!!! Gotta hate those emotions and crappy sleep! You'll get good sleep when he's here even though you may not get a lot of it. That was the thing I was most excited for.