Tuesday, May 24, 2011

4 Weeks Old

I can't believe my baby is 4 weeks old today! Part of me feels like time is flying so fast, but the other part of me feels like Will has been a part of our lives for a much longer time. They sure do grow fast. The first few weeks, I didn't really notice much changes; then suddenly, overnight, he suddenly seemed bigger and stronger! I wanted to do a post about his little quirks during the first month, as well as things that we have been grateful to have around. So here are a few things to remember about Will for this first month:

4 Weeks Old
For the first few weeks, he HATED cold wipes. He would scream as loud as he possibly could the second a cold wipe touched any part of his body. He does not mind them so much now.

One of my favorite things to do is just to play with his hair. I was so happy that he had any hair at all, so I can't get enough of it. I love trying to spike it or just make it look a bit crazy.
Within the past week, we found a new spot that he just loves to lay and look around. After getting his diaper changed on the changing table, he will sit there quiet and content for the longest time. I'm not sure what about that spot captures his attention, but there is something about it that he really likes.

When he is finished eating and you try to put the bottle back to his mouth, he scruches his face and sticks out his lower lip. Its so cute that I usually just keep offering the bottle to him just to see the face.

He wont sleep unless he is swaddled really tight. He flails his arms a lot and if they aren't tied down then he will wake himself up.
He loves to have his hand up by his face at all times. For the first few weeks it made it difficult to feed him because his hands were always in the way. He is learning to move them if he wants food.
He does not spit up often, but when he does he really makes it count. If I feed him too much, then move him a lot and don't give his stomach time to settle, sometimes he will throw-up....a lot. He's only done it about 3-4 times since he was born, but like I said, he really made those few times count.

He currently doesn't have much of a set schedule. The past few nights he has not fallen asleep until 12am-1am, but he has slept until about 5am. He was only sleeping 2 1/2 - 3 hours at a time, so to having him starting to sleep four hours feels great.

Lance and I take the night in shifts. Typically, I'm the one that puts him to sleep, then gets up with him the first few times. Then the second half of the night and into the morning, Lance will get up with him and let me sleep. Lance often offers to take him while I get some sleep, but I am usually too stubborn and insist that he needs his sleep. I'm getting better at accepting his help though.

His new favorite nap spot is on my chest. I just love when he snuggles up to me. I know it probably wont last too much longer, so I am definitely enjoying it while I can.

Everyone says that he looks like Lance or that they think he will look like Lance when he gets bigger. I'm not sure I really see either one of us in him just yet, so I'll trust their opinions. Will does look a bit like Lance's baby pictures though.
Still a little small, but he sure looks cute in it!
Will hated bath time for the first few weeks. I think the sponge baths were a bit cold for him and he just didn't like not being wrapped up in a blanket. Now he whimpers for the first few minutes when he first gets in his little bath, then he calms right down and will just sit there and enjoy the water.
One of Will's favorite expressions is making his lips into an "o" shape. It's pretty cute and funny.

Just within the past few days, Lance has discovered that tapping Will's nose while saying "nose...nose...nose" can sometimes get a smile. We caught this one on camera today. Such a cute smile, I had to put it on here twice.

I just love this picture!!!

Things I wouldn't want to live without:
The boppi: He does not sleep good on the crib mattress, so we put the boppi in the crib and he sleeps much better.

The rocking chair:  I debated and debated on whether or not to buy one, but I am SO GLAD that we did. Both Lance and I have spent hours in that rocking chair and it is a lifesaver. I honestly love it.
Breast pump: I am not sure what I would do without this. Well, I guess I would have to formula
feed. I am grateful that my sister let me borrow hers because these this are freakin expensive!

My camera: Obviously I would hate not to be able to share this sweet little boy with others and it would be sad if I wasn't able to document his life. I am grateful to technology and I'm glad to have a nice camera.

Diapers: Of course, who wouldn't be thankful for diapers. I don't know how our ancestors did the whole cloth diaper thing. I am just grateful that I don't have to.

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  1. BOBBI! Will is SO freaking cute! I love his big eyes--and his hair! Oh man. Love seeing your pictures of him. The 3rd picture, he does have a "Lance" face! And I'm so glad Lance is willing to help you out so you can get some sleep!
    All of Will's facial expressions are just adorable. Congrats, again!!