Saturday, May 28, 2011

The River Trail

One of my favorite places to go walking on Logan is on the trail by the river on the golf course. I'm not exactly sure what that trail is called, but I usually refer to it as "The River Trail". It is a nice paved trail that goes along the Logan river. If you haven't been walking on it, you really need to check it out. I love it for many reasons. It is so green and full of plant life that I often feel like I have left Utah. The river makes it more humid, also added to the feeling of leaving Utah. It is just the right distance for a good walk. And it is just nice to be out in nature.

Lance and I have been especially excited to walk the river trail because we really wanted to see how high the river had risen and how bad the flooding was. We went this past week right after a good rain storm and we were not disappointed. The river was much higher and much faster than usual. I'm not sure what our fascination is with seeing flooded rivers, but there is just something about seeing that rushing water that is very exciting. Weird, I know. Here are some pictures of our little "outing". Will was so good and slept the whole time.

The river is usually several more feet off from the path.

 Its normally pretty smooth and calm, never any rapids.
 Terrible picture of me. I was very most days.
 Again, the river is much wider and higher. It is typically much lower than bridge.

 This is where the water level was most noticable. This boardwalk is normally over dry ground. The river runs off to the left. But now the water is so high it is spilling under this bridge and almost forming a second river flowing to the right.

 The flooding is so bad, trees are hanging themselves.

 I thought this made a really pretty backdrop.
It looks like the water level was even higher recently. You can see the water marks on the trees. Possibly just from waves, but most likely the water was higher during the rain storm.

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