Thursday, June 2, 2011

Daddy Time

I walked into the bedroom a few days ago to find this:

Lance had Will zipped up in his hoodie and both of them were taking a nap. I thought it was so cute, I had to snap a quick picture.

Then a few days later, I heard Lance asking Will how he liked his new bed and telling him all about his new bed. And I walk into the bedroom to find this:

Lance had put Will in the pillow case and made the pillow a little bed. Again, it was so cute, I had to take a picture or two.

Will is such a lucky boy to have a dad like Lance. Lance is always willing to help and is always doing pretty much whatever I ask of him. He'll get up with him in the middle of the night. He will change his diapers. He'll watch him while I run errands or go get me a snow cone. He has been spit up on, peed on, you name it...yet he hasn't let it stop him. He is simply an amazing dad. I love to watch them together. And Will loves his dad so much. Lance can always get him to smile. Me, I'm still working on that one a little bit.

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