Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pool Time!

Yesterday was our first time at the pool this summer! FINALLY! One of my favorite things in the world is to just go to the pool and get some sun. I usually don't even swim; I just go to lay out. There is just something about laying in the sun that is so relaxing to me. I can sit there for hours, just watching people, reading, or just sitting there. But if I were at home doing the same thing, time would pass so slowly.

Unfortunately, Lance had to work most of the day so he wasn't able to come. I met a girl friend there who loves the pool just as much as I do. Will did SO good. He chilled in his car seat for a while, spent some time in the stroller, and also on my chair under the umbrella. I tried my best to keep him out of the sun as much as possible. The umbrella I had was a bit annoying though, so there were a few times when he was sitting in the sun for a few minutes. I made sure to load him up with sunscreen, but apparently I missed a spot. A crucial spot. His nose and cheeks are bright red today. Every time I look at him, I feel terrible. Luckily, he isn't showing any signs that it is bothering him, but I still feel bad. I should have done better keeping him covered, or just not stayed so long. We were out in the sun for 5 hours, afterall. Nevertheless, there is nothing I can do at the point and I learned a good lesson. I am excited to go to the pool again, but next time I want to actually take him into the water. That means a trip to the store to get him some swim trunks, swim diapers, a floatie, and a good hat. I think he would really like it. He is always so content during bath time, so I think he would enjoy the pool.

I also got a bit too much sun. I have never been a sunscreen person. I have always been an oil person. I love to put on some tanning oil and just lay out. Because it has been such a crummy summer (weather wise), I haven't really been able to lay out yet and get a good base tan. So to spend 5 hours straight in the sun without sunscreen the first time out probably wasn't the smartest idea.  And I wasn't facing the sun straight on so my left side got a bit more sun. My left shoulder, chest, and top of my left foot are the worst. I'm really really hoping I wont peel, but I doubt I'll be that lucky.It'll probably tease me and be really tan for a week or two, then peel once I finally start to believe it wont.
Bit of a line there

It was SO good to get out of the house and actually have some adult interaction. I am definitely looking forward to it again soon.

Here are a few pics I took before we went to the pool. This is easily my favorite outfit for Will.

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