Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cutest Baby Contest

While I was over at my in-laws yesterday, Lance's mom had saved me a coupon she had gotten in the mail about a "Cutest Kid Contest". It is a contest being done by the studio we had Will's 10-Day Old pictures done, Smiles Portraits. Images taken by Smiles between March and June 2011 may be submitted. She grabbed the coupon, thinking I might be interested in entering. I turned it over and was looking at the other side when I suddenly saw Will's picture! They had used one of his pictures on the coupon! I remember signing a photo release thing, saying they could use his pictures for advertising and such, but I never thought they actually would. Anyways, I thought it was pretty cool and think I will add that to Will's scrapbook.

He's the little guy in the blue hammock

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