Monday, July 18, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Lance was fortunate to be able to get Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off for the weekend. He worked a few hours on the fourth, but we didn't mind as it was later in the evening after all of the family activities, plus holiday pay is always good.
Cindy and my mom came down on Friday afternoon to spend the weekend with us. We went to a park and hung out there for a few hours so that Cindy's boys could run around and play after sitting in the car for so long. They had fun pretending to be transformers with Lance. That night, they went down to Bountiful to spend the night at Jimmy's.

Logan city did their big firework show on Friday night. We were planning on watching them with Lance's family, but neither of us ended up going because we didn't want to get eaten alive by bugs. Plus we didn't want to keep Will out too late because he typically goes to bed sometime around 10pm. On our way home, we could see the fireworks going off. We ended up parking on the side of the road and watching the show. It actually worked out pretty good. We had the radio going along with it, we were protected from the bugs, we avoided traffic, plus we had a pretty good view of it.

On Saturday morning, we went and rode go-karts with Lance's family. I was in first for a majority of the race until Julie caused me to crash. Her car was much faster so I wasn't able to catch up and get revenge.

The first group that went out.

Me trying to catch back up
After we were done with the go-karts, I went to the pool with my mom and Cindy while Lance went to the new Transformers movie with his family. I've taken Will to the pool before, but it was his first time actually getting in the water. His little swim outfit, though 12 months, fit him quite well and was really cute. I bought a little tube for him to sit it, and while he was a bit small for it, we made it work. He was pretty exhausted when we got there, so he didn't enjoy the water as much as I expected. He didn't necessarily dislike it, he was just falling asleep in his tube. After he got out, he took a nap under an umbrella while the rest of us laid out. We were all a bit red by the time we left.
Will in his cute little swim outfit.

Then we went back to the hotel they were staying at to cool of relax for a bit. After dinner we headed over to Lance's parents house to frosting the cookies for the blessing dinner. It took us forever to get there because many of the streets were blocked or super packed due to the Cruise-In happening on Main Street.

We blessed Will on Sunday. I did a post about it, so if you missed it, go back 2-4 posts and you can read all about it. It was a great day and we were surrounded by a lot of family and friends.

On Monday, we took part of NLPPDL (North Logan Ping Pong Development League--I think). It is a ping-pong tournament that Lance's family started several years back and has become tradition for the 4th of July. This year we randomly drew names out of a hat to determine the brackets.

Neither Lance or I did as well as we would have hoped. Brian ended up winning the tournament. We barbecued some burgers for lunch and spent the day hanging out. Lance worked that evening, so I just went home.

Lance was so close!

It was a weekend surrounded by family and filled with a lot of activities and we sure enjoyed it! 
Happy 4th of July!

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