Saturday, April 21, 2012

Never Ending Disaster

I always knew kids were messy, but I never understood just how much until the last few months. Messy is an understatement. My apartment literally looks like it was hit by a tornado. And it looks like this no matter how hard I try otherwise.
When people come over, I have to give the embarrassing apology and make the little excuse about there being a kid in the house. The few that have kids nod in understanding, while the others try to hide their disgust. "Don't blame the kid. If you weren't so lazy and actually tried cleaning up it probably wouldn't look so bad." I'm sure that's what's going through their minds.

Little do they know, I have spent a good portion of the day cleaning up after my little tornado. Sometimes, I feel like that's all I do...all day...every day. And it's always the exact same messes. His favorite things to do:
-scatter all of the dvds and try to ruin the packaging. It's becoming an even bigger problem as he's learning how to open them.
-find a box of cereal and dump it out on the carpet
-grab all of the cans in our food storage and roll them around the kitchen
-open all of the cupboards and drawers and pull out every folded washcloth and throw them on the ground
-grabbing all of the diapers and pulling them out and throwing them everywhere

Pretty much, he doesn't really like to play with things. He just likes to grab them from where they are, look at it briefly, then throw it on the ground, then move on to the next spot. Within minutes of Will waking up, our apartment is a disaster.

And I'll admit, sometimes I don't bother cleaning it. Cause I know that any cleaning I do will be quickly reversed in no time. Whether I clean 20 times a day, or once it pretty much looks the same. Once he is asleep, I can finally get it cleaned. But then I only enjoy it for an hour or two before I go to sleep myself. So pretty much our house is somewhat clean between 9pm-7am.

Sorry about my little rant. Today was even messier than usual and I think I just get tired of cleaning the exact same thing 40 times a day. So if clutter and chaos bother you, you probably don't want to come over because that is exactly what you are going to find!

To all the mom's out there that somehow manage to maintain a clean house, kudos to you! I don't know how you do it, because I am failing miserably.

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  1. You are not failing at all! It means you let Will explore and live! That's what I've decided about moms with small babies and clean houses... they don't allow their children to play or explore! (Or I guess they have a house big enough for a play room so the mess stays in there...wouldn't that be nice!) Our house is ALWAYS a mess. Aaron FREAKS out if I put any toy away (we are getting better) and I don't get a decent "nap break" anymore with Trae, so I've accepted the messy house thing. It means my child is happy and learning :) (And it's good to hear about another mom with the same problem ha ha)