Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Southern Utah

A couple of weeks ago, Will and I went down to Southern Utah. We spent a couple of days in Cedar City at Kim's house before we went over to Escalante.

The weather was really nice the whole weekend so we got do spend some time outside.
 I let Will go play out side for a bit and when I went out, I found him like this. He sat in there and played for a little bit too. It cracked me up.
 Kim also has several of these little four wheelers, so I had to try putting him on it.
 He looks like such a natural, doesn't he? And he was even pushing on the gas with his foot. The back wheels were turning, but it was in a spot that was stuck so it didn't move. But he sure liked pushing the gas!
 We were in the car for a good portion of the weekend. It was a very long drive and Will did pretty good. Heck, he probably did better than me! I was complaining a bit and was ready to be out of the car. He had a few rough patches, but overall did well.
 My Grandma Woolsey was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and may not live much longer. So we organized a little gathering of all of my family to make sure we all got to see her before she passes.

My grandma used to live in Escalante, but had to relocate to Beaver as her health started getting worse. We decided to have the family gathering back in Escalante so we could see the farm one last time. The last time I'd been there was for my Grandpa's funeral, so it was good to go back and visit. Plus it was Will's first time meeting his great-grandma.

This was Will's first encounter with a horse. And he was extremely scared. He was hanging on to Danielle for dear life. And if she tried to turn him closer, he'd claw his way as far as possible. Slowly, he calmed down and stopped freaking out.
 Sorry the light is so poor. Most of these pictures are on my phone.
 And this was Will's first horse ride with Grandpa.

 Then Will got to ride a real four wheeler. And he LOVED it. While we were riding, he would laugh and he just had a great time. When we got off so the other kids could ride, Will crawled as fast as he could towards the four-wheeler and tried to climb back on. He definitely has some Woolsey genes in him.

I got some pictures of us with my Grandma, but they must have been taken with someone else's camera so I don't have them.

It was really good to see my grandma. I never got to say goodbye to my grandpa, and it had been a long time since I'd visited them. So while it was a very long drive and I complained the whole time, I'm really glad I got to go. And although it's a sad situation, I'm excited for her in a way. Of course I'm sad she'll be leaving all of us behind, but I'm happy that she'll get to be with her husband again.

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