Tuesday, May 8, 2012

12 Months Old

Weight: 24.2 lbs - 70%
Height: 30.25 inches - 67%
Head Circumference: 48.5 inches - 95%

We have managed to keep a baby alive for an entire year. Bet this surprises many of you. The past year has gone by so fast, I can't even believe it. But at the same time, Will has grown so much it is hard to remember him ever being a newborn. The past year has been filled with wonderful moments as well as some that we'd rather forget. Having a child is no joke. It is not easy. In fact, it's down right hard! It seems like so many sacrifices. But when it comes down to it, IT IS WORTH IT. Will brings so much joy into our lives and we absolutely love having him around. He continues to amaze us every day. He has such a great personality and he does so many things that just crack me up. Here are some of the things he picked up last month:

Will is officially walking. He didn't seem too interested for quite some time, then one day he just decided that's what he wanted to do. He can stand up in the middle of the floor and everything.

When Will is done eating in his high chair, I ask him if he wants down. And he says down. Well..it's more like "duah" but I know what he means.

He loves cell phones. He tries to slide my touch screen all the time. He frequently ends up calling people on Lance's phone, so if you get a random pocket call, it's probably from Will. He will hold the phone up to his ear and talk to the phone. If you say "hello" or talk to him, he gets the biggest smile and just giggles.

Our jogging stroller has a slow leak in one of the tires, and I have to pump it up every time before we use it. One day, I caught Will playing with the pump. He seemed to know just what to do and has a blast pulling it up and down.

If you give him a stuffed animal or doll, he will hold it to the side of his face and give it a big hug.

If I ever try to snuggle with Lance, then Will comes over to us and lays his head on our laps too. It's super sweet and melts my heart.

 We were going to have a small little party at the park for his birthday and invite a few friends over. But the weather wasn't super cooperative on the day we wanted to do it. Instead, we just stayed home and ate cake.

We couldn't find our birthday candles, so we improvised and used this little candle.

Will really took some encouragement to get started. I had to feed him the first few pieces of cake. He eventually got the hang of it and figured it out.

When he was done, he had frosting all over his hands. I wasn't thinking and I took his tray off and let him sit. He started playing with his feet and legs, thus transferring the frosting to the rest of his body and getting it everywhere.

He has started sleeping through the night pretty well. He goes to bed between 8pm-8:30pm, and wakes up between 7-8am. Several times throughout the night, he'll suddenly start whimpering, but he'll usually go back to sleep within a few minutes.

 Lately, Will is obsessed with water bottles. If he sees one, he MUST play with it, or he screams bloody murder like its the end of the world. You have to take the lid off and hold the water bottle so he can put the lid back on. It's his favorite thing. He just likes to put the lid on, then take it off. On, off, on off. I seriously have to hide my water bottles and hide when I'm getting a drink or else he'll freak out.

The other thing he is obsessed with is stairs. He LOVES climbing the stairs. And he's actually very good at coming down and turning around. He loves when I let him play on the stairs.

If I shake my head and say, "no no no no no", then Will shakes his head and says "no no no no". He thinks it's super funny.

Will does really good in that when he is on something and wants off, he always knows to turn around and slide off feet first. However, Will hasn't quite learned the concept of height yet. I can't put him on our tall bed or he'll go to the edge, turn around, and slide off.

There was a period of about 2-3 days where Will was doing the strangest thing. If Lance or I was eating something and he wanted some, he would stick his head back as far as he could with his mouth opened wide. Luckily I got a picture, cause its nearly impossible to describe. He was seriously acting like a little bird waiting to be fed. It was so bizarre, yet hilarious.

When one of us come home and kneel down, Will runs into our arms and gives us a big hug.

One of us new favorite places is under the table. If the chairs are pushed in all the way, he'll try to squeeze between them but screams when he doesn't fit. Our chairs are now permanently pulled out slightly so he has access to his "office".

There has been several times when he has tried climbing over the bars on the chair and high centered because it was too high.

We can eat anything without giving a bite to Will. He comes up, licking his lips and climbs all over you until you give him a bite. In face, if he simply hears the word bite, he comes running.

He still loves being outside. But he isn't so much a fan of grass. So if we are out front, he loves playing in the parking lot and tries to head toward the street. This makes for a lot of black clothes.

He especially loves going to the park. I think he would sit in the swing all day long if I let him. In fact, every time we leave the park, he throws a tantrum.

His Grandma Hinton got him this train toy, and he absolutely loves it. There are so many fun buttons and things to entertain him. Yes it's a big loud and obnoxious, but I am happy to ignore it if it keeps him happy for a while.

He learned very quickly how to climb on and off...well, at least on. Most of the time as he's trying to get off, his foot gets stuck and he ends up falling.

Sometimes the toy falls with him. I got pictures of him trying to get it upright again.

If you ever leave any tennis shoes around, you can guarantee that Will will have them untied before you put them on next.

I think he got sick of raisins and cheerios. We have those cups that don't spill filled with raisins and cheerios, which he used to eat daily. But now he just pulls them out and scatters them everywhere, but refuses to eat them.

It's been quite a year, and we have loved being parents. We've learned so much and Will continues to teach us daily. He is such a handsome little boy and we love him so much! Happy Birthday Will!

Check out Will's One Year Photo Shoot in the post right after this!


  1. BAHAHHAHAHA! Your first sentence just killed me. I am seriously still laughing. I am just in awe at what an adorable mom you are and how stinking cute Will is!

  2. I laughed out loud at his little bird face...oh my gosh it cracks me up!! he is so cute. Happy birthday, little Will!