Thursday, May 17, 2012


We moved to a new place last Friday, and we are finally starting to get settled in. We have most things unpacked and organized. Only a few more decorative things, and I think we'll be completely done.

We now live in a little community called "The Springs". The housing is for low-income families and your rent is based on your yearly salary. I heard about them right after we got married and we have been on a waiting list since March 2010. I was told at the time that it was a 2 year wait, minimum. As our two year wait was getting closer, we kept asking if we were getting close. And it seemed like we might get in toward the end of the summer. But I decided to bug them one last time and ask, and suddenly it was our turn. From the time I asked, we could have moved in within about 10-12 days. Unfortunately, our current landlord needed a 30 day notice. So we gave our notice and started packing.

Our official 30 days is around the 25th of May, but we got too excited and decided to move in early. Plus, I'm not sure "The Springs" wanted to hold the place for that long. We are still trying to get used to living at the opposite end of town, but so far we love it. We've already met a lot of people with young kids, and our ward seems pretty cool. We are so excited about being in our new place.

Here is a quick preview of what our place looks like (from the outside). Once I finish all the last little details, I'll take some pictures of the inside and give a grand tour.

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