Monday, May 21, 2012

Tough Guy

Apparently Will is a tough little guy! Lance and I have always been very adament about not making a big scene when he falls down or gets hurt. We usually just tell him that he's fine and to get right back up. And it turns out our little training has been working.

I was hanging outside with some people in our new ward and all of the kids were playing and having a grand ol time. During the hour I was there, Will face planted into the cement, got hit in the head with a soccer ball, tripped dozens of times, fell down the slide, got pushed, etc, etc. And almost every time, he would stand back up and proceed on to whatever he was doing. He didn't make a peep or give it a second thought. And every time, one of the other parents would get all worried and begin to rush over to him until they noticed he was fine. Then they would all comment on how tough he was and that nothing seemed to faze him.
 That little goose-egg/bruise on his forehead is from face planting into our kitchen tile. That time he cried, and he cried hard.
One of the guys even mentioned that while Lance had him in church yesterday, Will's head ran into the table 3-4 times very hard but he never cried. Because I am used to Will and don't have much to compare him to, I never really thought about how tough he really is. But as I sit and think about it, he really is a strong little boy and doesn't let little bumps and falls get in his way. He has bruises all over his face from various falls, but that hasn't stopped him. He is still as crazy as he always was, if not more so.

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