Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sick Days

We've had a sick little boy over here for the past several days. 

It all started on Thursday when we dropped Will off with our parents. They could tell he was really hot and decided to take his temperature. It was around 102 degrees. Will was super cranky and having a rough time. We gave him some ibuprofen and let him take a long nap. The next day his fever had gone down but he was probably feeling worse. That's when Lance and I noticed that he was starting to get sores in and around his mouth. Apparently Will has Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease.
The sores in his mouth make it painful to eat, so he has hardly eaten any solid food in the past 3 days. The doctor said that's normal and just to make sure he stays really hydrated. That's also been difficult as it is hard to get him to drink anything as well.
At least he still smiles and tries to be happy some of the time.
The day really goes in spurts. He'll have short moments when he seems completely normal, and he's running around playing and laughing as if nothing was wrong.
I had to get outside for some air yesterday. He loved being out and running up and down the driveway.
He also loves grabbing the rocks and playing with them.
Then the next moment, he's screaming and wanting nothing to be held. And even holding him, the screaming would often continue.
Let me tell you, having a sick baby is no fun. You always hear parents say that they wish they could take the sickness themselves instead of the kid. It made sense to me, but now I understand that on an entirely new level. There are many reasons I'd rather be sick than Will. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely hate being sick and it is not something I would prefer to be. But having a sick little boy is hard. And its almost as if you were sick yourself. You can't go anywhere because you don't want to spread the disease. You spend most of the day watching your child in pain, and that hurts you as well, You do everything in your power to try to ease their pain, but sometimes to no avail. The only plus side is that Will has been EXTREMELY cuddly, and I've spend many hours over the last few days just curled up with him on the love sac.

Today he's been eating much better and I believe that he is starting to feel much better. He is still covered in little sores, but those take time to heal and go away. Today at lunch, I think he ate enough to make up for the past three days, which is a pretty good indicator that he is feeling better. We believe that he is past the contagious stage, but we are trying to keep his contact with other kids at a minimum, just to be certain.

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