Monday, December 31, 2012

National Children Study

Since before Will was born, we have been participants in the National Children Study. Basically, every few months I get a call to answer some questions. It's really not that time consuming and I'm happy to be a part of it. In early December, they had a little Christmas gathering for those in Cache Valley. They served breakfast, had pictures with Santa, and had a few little crafts.

Will loves to sit on the counter and watch while I get ready. Well, mostly he likes to turn the water on and off and reorganize all my jewelry.

 The line for Santa was a bit long so we took some pictures while we waited.

 Will even found a little friend to run around with for a little bit.
 Will wasn't excited to see Santa, but he didn't scream either. He doesn't quite understand what he is yet.
 It was a fun little outing and nice to have something to do.

And lastly, just because he's cute:

 Was trying to find Will to get him into his pajamas and walked into his room to this.
One Sunday after church. He is definitely one handsome boy!

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