Monday, December 3, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving was pretty low-key this year. We stuck around Cache Valley and got to enjoy a great meal with Lance's family. I'm usually pretty good about not forgetting my camera, but I didn't get a single picture this year.

Due to Thanksgiving being so early this year, Lance's birthday was the day after. Normally he would make sure to get work off, but his manager gave him football tickets to the last Aggie home football game on Saturday (the day after his birthday), so he volunteered to work Thanksgiving and his birthday so he could get that Saturday off.

We invited a couple from our ward and we went to the game against Idaho. It was a lot of fun watching our Aggies finish a great season with a win and be WAC Champions. It was a bit rough for me to stand for that long, and my back was killing me most of the game. Luckily, Lance was nice enough to rub it every so often to help ease the pain.

Most of the students rushed the field after the game. We decided not to.
 I have also been getting a little better at crocheting and have been on a hat making spree. Here is one of the hats I made.

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