Friday, July 19, 2013

5 Months

Blake is now five months old. It's crazy how much difference a month can make. She is really starting to fill out and gets stronger every day.

Blake officially rolled over this month. She rolled from her back onto her stomach, then continued rolling from her stomach onto her back. I have made the mistake of leaving her on the couch while doing dishes and she rolled off.

Will loves to make loud noises and startle her. I don't think she appreciates it as much.

I have started feeding her some cereal this month hoping that it would help her start sleeping for longer. It didn't take her long at all to figure out what she was doing, and she gobbles it right now.

We have a specific blanket that we use to swaddle Blake when she sleeps. It is stretchy and the easiest one to wrap her in. She has definitely gained a preference for that blanket. If she is fussy, I can simply throw the blanket near her and it can calm her down for a minute. She loves to hold it and feel the fabric.

Also, in the past few days I have noticed she likes this other blanket that I have in her crib. I was originally using it to prop against her back to keep her rolled slightly on her side, but she loves it touching her face. If I put it on her back side, she will roll and adjust until she can feel it against her face, then she goes right to sleep.

She also loves doing "super Blake", where you hold her up above your head.

Her legs are getting much stronger and she likes to stand while someone is holding her hands. She is still wobbly at times, but she is improving.

Blake is always full of smiles and wont hesitate to share one. She is also very ticklish around her neck, and it is becoming easier and easier to make her laugh.

And her smiles are usually super big, mouth open, tongue out.

For some reason, she doesn't like to sit straight in her bumbo. She always leans over so she can chew on the side or grab her feet.

Blake always has to be chewing on something, whether it's her hands, her feet, the bumbo, someone else's fingers, etc. She loves something in her mouth. I've wondered if she is teething, but I don't think so yet.

While she is pretty content doing whatever most of the time, she does like to be held and walked around. She likes to see the world and everything that is going on.

Lance has found a special way that she loves to be held. He sits her up in the crook of his arm, then holds her feet with his hand. She loves it, but especially when he is the one holding her. He must be the only one who can truly do it right.

She is also very fond of bath time. She freaks out for a moment during the first initial shock of being put in the water, but is kicking and splashing in no time. She loves it.

Blake is getting much more coordinated and is able to grab things. If you hold a toy in front of her, she will reach for it and grab it.

She has the brightest blue eyes and is one of the first thing people notice.

She still refuses to hold her bottle on her own. Sometimes she will hold it for a few seconds, then she gets distracted and lets go.
 This picture made me chuckle. She is definitely getting chunky and can make some goofy faces.

 This picture reminds me a lot of my baby pictures. I can see a good mix of both of us in her.

Isn't she just a doll?
She looks more and more like Will all of the time, only a girl version.

She is a beautiful little girl and we sure are lucky to have her.

She is growing so fast, and while I miss her being a newborn, it is exciting to watch her grow and change.


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