Friday, July 26, 2013

Cousin Time

One great thing about living in Kaysville is that I am an hour closer to my sister. Unfortunately, we are still about an hour away but it cut the time in half. We have been able to get together more, and I love it. She has already come up to visit me several times, and I am SO, SO grateful. It's hard living in a new place where I know practically no one. I can't just go out and visit people or go hang out somewhere when I'm feeling a bit trapped by my house. So Cindy has definitely saved me a few times and given me someone to hang out with. LIFE SAVER.

Last week we were going to go to Seven Peaks, but I was worried about the weather. We ended up just going to Clearfield aquatic center instead. They have most of the pool and slides indoors, with little kiddie pool outside.

Luckily, my nieces Aspen and Joshlyn were also there to help play with the older boys while we watched the girls.

Lexi and Blake are about 5 months apart. Though Lexi definitely acts older and is more advanced (sitting up, scooting, etc.) she isn't that much bigger. I wouldn't be surprised if Blake passes her up in a few months, size wise. It's fun putting them side by side and comparing.
                                                                  They sure are cute.
                           And already acting like little divas. Blake just chatting on the phone...
                          Lexi stealing Blake's headband while making sure she can't take it back.
 Blake smiling triumphantly as she gets the headband back.
 Enjoying some time in the cool water.
 And finally, Blake passed out after a few hours at the pool. While I was taking pictures, Will was off playing and having a good time, so unfortunately, I didn't get any of him or the other boys this time.
We'll definitely have to go back when Lance can go with. Will was begging to go down the big slide and I was only able to take him once. He laughed the whole way and absolutely loved it.

Until next time...

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