Tuesday, January 8, 2013


It was almost a full household at the Hinton's this year, we were only missing Lance's sister Amber and her family. We always love when family comes into town and it was really nice to see everyone.
It had been a very dry winter so far, so it was super refreshing to have some snow fall Christmas Eve. And it kept falling, and falling, and falling. Somehow it was decided that we were going to bury Melissa's (Lance's sister) car. They were out there for hours. Even I joined them for about 2 hours to help build.
Unfortunately, Lance had to work until about 8pm Christmas Eve, but he was still able to participate in our Christmas program. One thing that was unique this year was we formed a band and played some Christmas music. There was even some narration and an awesome program complete with bios. (Wish I'd got pictures of it.)

As usual, everyone was up by 6am to start opening gifts.
I don't think Will was too thrilled about being woke up, especially when it didn't involved waking up to eat food within the first few minutes. (At home, he wakes up starving and has to eat immediately). He have fun opening a gift or two, but then he spent the rest of the morning pretty grumpy.
 We had a decent pile of presents waiting for him, but he simply didn't want to touch them.
He was much more interested in bothering Garrett or dragging his new chair around to sit by other people.
His "big" gift was a tricycle. And he sure was excited about it. He threw a pretty big tantrum the first time we took him off, and later he wanted to be pushed around as long as we would.
Finally we got to what he was really waiting for ...the food. And he seemed in slightly better spirits after that, and an early nap of course.

We spent the remainder of the day just relaxing and visiting.

Then I had to go into work Christmas night at 10pm. We figured the girls would be with their families most of the week so i volunteered to take a lot of shifts, as I would be one of the few left in town. Turns out I ended up working 38 hours Christmas week, and boy was I exhausted.
When we got back home, our driveway needed to be shoveled pretty bad so we decided to have a bit of a snow day. Will insisted on helping Lance shovel and got mad if he tried doing it without him.
After a while, I finally grabbed a small shovel and bucket and showed Will how to put the snow in the bucket. That entertained him momentarily until he discovered that it was good to eat. That quickly turned into a frozen mouth/face.
And even though it has been snowy and cold, every single day Will asks if we can go for a walk. I finally decided to and it was quite enjoyable. It was so beautiful and peaceful outside.

Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays as much as we did!

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