Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Grandma's little shadow

My mom came to visit us little over a week ago. Unfortunately, it was an extremely short visit, but Will sure got attached to her during the day and a half she was here. And I'm not talking just slightly attached. I'm talking full on - can't let her out of my sight, mom can't do anything cause I want Grandma to do it all, following her everywhere - type of attached

Here are just a few of the funny things he did while she was here:

- He wouldn't allow me to change his diaper or get him dressed, because he wanted Grandma to do it.

- He normally eats breakfast by himself, but while she was here he needed "help" and insisted Grandma feed him.

- When he wanted her to go somewhere, he would get behind her and push her until she was where he wanted.

- If he was taking her to his room and she was following behind, he had to turn around every few seconds to make sure she was still coming.

- While he was playing with toys (such as throwing a ball in the air), he insisted that she watch him, and only him. If she even turned her head for a moment to talk to me, he would run over to her, grab her face, and turn it so it was looking back at him.

- If Lance or I tried anything, he would run behind Grandma and bury himself in her legs trying to hide.

- My mom ended up leaving during one of Will's naps. And when he woke up, the first thing he said was ga-ma. And when he couldn't find her, he cried for quite a while, all the time saying her name.

My mom is the best, so it really doesn't surprise me that Will insisted on being her little shadow the whole time she was here. For as long as I can remember, little kids have always flocked to my mom and preferred her over most others.

While she says she enjoyed it, I'm sure it also drove her bonkers.

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