Wednesday, January 30, 2013

First Time Sledding

We have been getting a lot of snow this year, especially compared to the last year. I've been waiting for some fresh (soft) snow so that we could try taking Will sledding. On Sunday, we got close to another foot of snow, so we decided Monday was the day.

Not sure how it would go, we wanted to start off really small. The hill behind grandma and grandpa's house was perfect. 
He went down a few times alone, but he was sliding around a lot and not very stable. 

After he lost interest in going down the hill, I showed Will how to "push" Lance into the snow. 
As he pushed, Lance would fall over and make snow angels. Will really got a kick out of it and was laughing so hard.

 Isn't he such a great dad? Will sure loves him.

Will didn't want the game to end, though I think Lance tired of it pretty quickly.
We tried pulling him around the yard a little bit, but it's always hard to get going that first time to make a path.      And it didn't help that Will doesn't understand the concept of hanging on so he would slide off of the sled every few seconds. 
We weren't out for very long, but we had a good time. Will might have enjoyed it more if he had some snow clothes, boots, and gloves that actually fit him. Either way, it was fun and definitely something we will do again, maybe even trying a bigger hill.

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