Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Congratulations Mom and Claude!

A couple of months ago, my mom met a man named Claude Grant...and a few weeks ago they were married in the St. George temple.

It was really fun to watch this all unfold. From the very first date, I could tell there was something special about Claude. My mom called me all giddy like and she hasn't been the same ever since. I didn't have to see her to tell that she had a constant smile on her face.

After a very short time, they decided they wanted to be married. My mom submitted the papers to have her sealing to my father cancelled and set a tentative date for a wedding. After a few minor setbacks, the cancellation came through and the wedding was on.

We spent the weekend in Cedar City surrounded by family. My niece, Mckenzie, had high school graduation the night before the wedding, so some of us went to that. Her and I went shopping the day before and found that amazing dress for her to wear. Isn't she stunning?

I am so proud of her for everything she has accomplished. She is heading out to Nebraska in the fall for college to play softball on scholarship. 

Thursday night after the graduation, my sisters and my mom sister's stole my mom around midnight and took her to Denny's for a last little hoo-rah as a single woman. We had a lot of fun and it was nice to spend some time with her before her big day.

The next morning, we were all up early, getting ready, and on our way to St. George for the wedding.

The ceremony was beautiful and they had a lot of support.

My mom is an amazing woman. I am so glad that she has found someone that she can share her life with.

We took pictures outside then everyone went to Golden Corral for a wedding brunch. Claude and my mom talked about how they had met and some things leading up to the wedding.  Then he had each of us girls get up to say something about my mom.

The weekend was filled with super late nights, early mornings, family, good food, and lots and lots of fun. I absolutely love when my siblings are able to get together. Even if we do nothing but sit around and talk, we are guaranteed to have a good time.

The majority of our time together was spent in Kim's back yard playing a soccer juggling game called Kill. We played for hours and would often be rolling on the floor laughing for some reason or another.

Man these people are fun. Too bad Jim wasn't able to make it. 

Once all of the wedding stuff was over, we wanted to get out and do something fun. We debated between going to Zions, finding a short hike, or something else. Finally we decided to go to Sand Hollow for a day!

The two girls weren't too sure about the water, but were content just to sit at the edge with their feet in.

 The boys spend the majority of the time digging out tunnels for the water, making sand castles, and playing in the mud. Zac was so good to play with Will and Will was in heaven.

  We also had the four-wheelers and the sand rail there to ride on the trails. Again, Will was in heaven.

 There are few things that I love more than being surrounded by family. I wish my family was able to get together more often, because it is such a rare occurrence.

Congratulations to Mom and Claude. We are all very happy for them and wish them the best of luck. 


  1. I am so happy for your mom. She is such a wonderful woman and I am so glad that she has someone to spend her life with.

  2. I am excited for your mom. That is awesome. She deserves someone that will treat her right. Tell her I say congrats.