Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hinton Reunion - Day 1 - The Arrival

With Lance's family so spread out and everyone's schedules being so different, we don't get together as often as we would like to. We used to count on Christmas for everyone being together, but now even that doesn't always happen. So we planned a Hinton reunion over the 4th of July weekend. Instead of our usual ping-pong or croquet tournament, we decided to try something new and have a little more of an itinerary with planned activities throughout the weekend.

Everyone was set to arrive in Logan on Thursday. Because Lance has Thursdays off, we figured we may as well head up first thing in the morning to spend a little more time up there. Plus there were a few things that we wanted to do in Logan, such as getting an oil change where we bought our car, ring inspected, etc.

We got to Logan about 10a and spent most of the day just preparing for everyone else to arrive. I got to go shopping with Sharon and help pick out all of the treats and goodies that we would be having all week.

Lately every time I pull my phone out to take a picture, this is the face that Blake makes.

Then slowly everyone started trickling in. Scott and Lance left early afternoon to go to the airport to get Melissa. Bryan and his family arrived before dinner. Then they left the three girls while they went out on a date. 

The kids were all excited to see each other and have someone to play with. At one point I walked into the toy room and found Blake had lined up all of the balls on the treadmill and was grabbing them one by one to throw down the belt.
Then Will and Adell decided it was hilarous to throw all of the balls at me, so we spend a good chunk of time playing that game.

Adell would throw the ball and then laugh so hard she could barely keep her balance.

Once they tired of pelting me with the ball, they each found some baby dolls, wrapped them up in blankets, and played house.

Then eventually Amber and her family arrived with Julie. 

Once everyone arrived, we had dessert, hung out, then prepared to go watch the Logan city fireworks. They always do their big show on July 3rd so that families can spend the 4th doing their own fireworks or other things.

A few people stayed at the house, so we put the babies to sleep and the rest of us headed up the hill to enjoy the show.

After the fireworks were over, we headed home and finished our preparations for the next day at Bear Lake. It was about 11pm and there were 8 adults gathered in the kitchen, all doing separate things. Some were cutting fruit to pack in the cooler. Julie was pre-cooking her bacon so she didn't have to get up early. I was making a pasta salad so it could cool all night. We found it amusing to have the kitchen so full of activity so late at night.

Eventually we got everything ready that we wanted and headed to bed, prepared for a busy day.

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