Thursday, July 31, 2014

House Tour: Lower Floor and Backyard

I realized the other day that I never finished the tour of our house! I had taken all of the pictures months ago, but never got around to doing the post. It took some time to find the pictures, but here they are.

If you recall from the first post, our home is a split-entry house. So when you open the front door, you immediately have to choose to whether to go up or down. If you decide to come down, the room opens up to a living room.

 The door to the right of the black bookshelf is Blake's room.
It has some nice built in shelves with a lot of storage space.
The door straight at the bottom of the stairs is a second bathroom.

And the door to the far right goes into the master bedroom and storage area.

 The wood door goes into the laundry room, storage area, and has access to the backyard.
The storage area is unfinished space. There is a spot for a washer and dryer, we have a deep freezer down there, plus there is a whole section of shelving that we have food storage, plus whatever else we have boxed up.

 Also in our storage room is a door that leads to our favorite thing about this house: the backyard. We have a fantastic yard and it is where we spend a lot of our time. That entire space from the tree back is garden. These pictures were taken early spring when we were just getting started on our gardening.

 The big tree to the left is a cherry tree. And there are 3 apple trees tucked in there on the right side. There is also a small plum tree and a small peach tree.
 Those are rose bushes along the back of the house. There were oodles of roses once they bloomed. Pink, yellow, white, magenta. They were beautiful.

The view from our deck.
 And that wraps up the tour of our house!

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