Friday, July 25, 2014

Hinton Reunion - Day 3 - Outdoor Games

We had several fun things planned for Saturday, but we realized that we might have over planned a little and might not get to everything. I don't think anyone cared.

One of the things I miss most about Logan is the hiking. So we threw in a small early morning hike for whom ever wanted to join me. When we originally were discussing it, it seemed like more people were interested. In the end, only Garrett, Chad, and myself ended up going. We left a little before 8am, hiked up to the Wind Caves, and got back home around 9am. I accidentally left my phone at the house, so I don't have any pictures to document that event. 

Shortly after we returned from the hike, everyone headed over to the cemetery to visit David's grave. The headstone had only recently been installed. It looks very beautiful.

Once we were through visiting the cemetery, we went back to the house for some outdoor activities. Kaitlyn set up a really fun obstacle course. Each adult was accompanied by a kid doing a series of events such as....

1- Hitting all of the cones with a ball using hocky sticks
 2- Then the child had to pull the adult across the driveway on a skateboard.
 3-Run through the hoopes
 4- Answer some questions
 5-Complete the croquet course

 6- Child runs up the hill and touches the fence.
 7 - Then go down the slip-n-slide

 8-Pull child in wagon in and out of cones.
 9- Try to avoid the super soaker manned by grandpa while spitting cherry pits past the rope

 10- Go down the bounce house slide
 11 - Hurry back to the start line.
I believe they started off timing people to see who made it through the course the quickest, but eventually we gave up on the timers and just had fun with it. Amber and Julie even did a round together, though I don't remember who was the kid and who was the adult.

The rest of the day was spent playing in the yard on the bouncy toys. There was the jousting one where you try to push each other off of the pedestals. And there was the bounce house with the water slide. 

Or use it as a boxing ring, like Kaitlyn and Gavin.
 The slide was definitely a big hit. The kids loved it. The adults loved it. There was even a contest going on with different themes, like who can go down the most graceful, or scary, etc.

Will was having a blast. He probably went down that slide 100 times. He was still playing hard late afternoon and probably would have kept playing until bed time if I had let him.

Somehow we even convinced Grandpa to go.

 Everyone waited anxiously at the bottom with buckets full of water to ensure that he was fully drenched. The little step ladder inside can be difficult to climb up, and we weren't sure if he was going to make it.  
 Then down he came!
 (Notice everyone's huge smiles.)
The day was pretty relaxing. People would play outside for a bit, go inside to take a little break (or nap), grab some food, then come back out to play more. Most of the adults were happy to sit in the shade and watch the kids have fun.

We invited some neighbor kids to come and join us in the fun. For a while there was quite a few kids having a blast and getting some good use out of the toys. It was fun to have more people join us. 


 Kaitlyn tried taking Blake down the slide, but she didn't seem too excited by it.

We had delicious grilled chicken shish kabobs for dinner and continued the outdoor games afterwards. We had a scavenger hunt planned, but we opted out of doing it and just decided to spend the day at the house. Again, everyone was pretty worn out after a day spent in the sun. We spent the evening/rest of the night just hanging out, talking, and relaxing. 

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