Monday, July 14, 2014

Hinton Reunion - Day 2 - Bear Lake

Friday - July 4th - The main plan for the day was to go to Bear Lake. Wake up, make breakfast, get ready, and head out whenever everybody was ready. Just very chill and "go with the flow" type of day.

Seeing as it was a major holiday, a couple of us decided to head up to the lake early to get us a spot and have camp set up before everyone else arrived. So Chad, Kaitlyn, and I were on the road before 8 am to get to Bear Lake. By the time we got there, there were already a few people there, but we managed to find a empty picnic table in an ideal spot. We were on a small sand bank/island that had a shallow pool of water in front of it, then a big bank separating the rest of the lake. It was perfect for the kids.
It made it easy to tell the kids that they couldn't go past the bank of sand without an adult. This was our little spot. We had lounge chairs, shade canopies, camping chairs, the picnic table, floaties, etc.
The kids had fun playing with sand toys...

 and this fun raft.

 We made reservations for paddle boats at noon so we had an early lunch. 
 Then we had some fun with the paddle boats. They were a bit slow and hard to steer, but I think everyone had fun with them.
 Will especially loved going along for rides and was happy to go out with whomever would take him.

 Adell was crying a bit at first, but eventually she was happy to ride along also.
 While the kids were having fun being taken on the boats by aunts and uncles, parents were enjoying some rare free moments.

At one point we had a pretty physical game of 500 (Jackpot) happening. It involved a lot of shoving, splashing, and any dirty tricks to prevent someone else from getting the ball.
We rented the paddle boats for 2 hours, and once those were returned, we were all pretty worn out and about ready to call it a day.  So we packed up all of our stuff, grabbed a famous raspberry shake on our way out, and headed back to Logan. 
 Once we got back to Logan, there were lots of naps, showers, and preparing for dinner. 
 After we ate dinner we gathered outside to enjoy some of our own fireworks before we put the kids to bed.

 The kids loved being able to go put the firecrackers out in the road. Adell was disappointed when we wouldn't let her light her own.

 Will kept saying, "It's my turn! My turn!" 

  All of the kids would gather around grandpa, waiting to see who he was going to give the firecracker to.

Newborn Paisley got to see her first fireworks...maybe. I'm not sure if she was awake or not.
  After a long day spent in the sun, everyone was pretty tired and ready to call it a day. We had some dessert, and fizzled out to bed resting before the next day of fun.

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