Monday, May 16, 2016

6 Months Old

I wasn't given all of her 6 month stats written down, and I don't remember all of the numbers. She weighed 18 lbs and some ounces, her height was average, and I believe her head was in the ninetieth percentile. Whatever the numbers were, she is growing and healthy. 

Austin is so close to be able to sit up on her own. She can do it for short periods of time, but she still hasn't quite learned how to catch herself or balance when she starts to tip. If I hold onto her hand, or put a little bit of pressure on her legs, she can sit fairly well. 

Her sleep has gotten worse in the last few weeks or so. She is still getting up 3-4 times a night to eat. Luckily, she doesn't take very long to eat and I am able to get back to sleep very quickly, but some uninterrupted sleep would be nice. The doctor suggested we start her on some baby food and maybe she will sleep better. 

Austin loves anything that makes noise and everything goes straight to her mouth. She loves chewing on these little foam letters that we have.

Instead of sucking on a binky, she will grab it and chew on the sides. Rarely will she keep it in her mouth for more than a few seconds.
She's got some chunky thighs and has been wearing size 4 diapers. I'm sure she could fit into size 3, but when we ran out of diapers, I had a lot of leftover size 4 diapers from Blake and just started using those. They fit well enough, I never bothered to go buy the smaller size. 
Nap time can be difficult because she sleeps best in her crib on or a bed. She refuses to fall asleep if she is being held. Now most of the time that is extremely nice. I never have to rock her to sleep. I simply lay her down and she'll fall asleep. However, when we aren't home, it makes it hard. She will fall asleep in her car seat, but she wakes up when the car stops, so I can't transfer her while she sleeps. So when we go places, she wont fall asleep even though she is really tired. Then we get in the car to go home, and she passes out, but is awake a few minutes later once we get home. And she wont go back to sleep for a while. This is the recipe for a grumpy baby. 

She really isn't that grumpy all of the time. And even when she is grumpy, it's pretty easy to make her happy. She smiles with the smallest amount of attention, and laughs freely. 

Austin likes to sit in her high chair and play with toys, but she doesn't like to be left alone. She's content to sit and play as long as she can see someone. If I walk out of the room, she gets a little anxious and starts to cry.

Austin seems to prefer Will's company more than Blake's. That may have something to do with the combination of how sweet and gentle Will is with her and how abusive Blake can be. One time when Blake was near her, Austin started screaming out of the blue really hard and it took some time to calm her down. After a quick glance over, I found bite marks on Austin's hand. I have no idea why, but Blake decided it was a good idea to bit Austin...hard.
It is honestly a bit surreal to me that six months have already come and gone. Summer will be here and gone before I know it, and suddenly Austin will be one. 
  We sure love this bright eye, chubby cheek girl! 

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