Friday, May 20, 2016

Mommy and Blake

Blake has been in this new little phase of refusing to let me take her picture. She wants to be the one taking the picture. When I ask her to smile or say cheese, she either hides or face or gets all grumpy. She will do anything but look at the camera.

It takes all sorts of jumping up and down, making silly noises, goofy faces, whatever it takes just to get her to look at me. 

Every once in a while, captured within the many pictures I find a decent one. 

And trying to get a picture with her is even more difficult. When I ask her if she will take a picture with me, she says no. Through some wrestling and intense prodding, I was finally able to convince her to take a few with me. I may or may not have been restraining her and forcing her to sit by me.

But I was only able to get her to sit by me by saying we could do monkey pictures and other goofy pictures. Even then she wasn't too keen on the idea. 
And like any time you try to get pictures that involve children, you get a decent one of one person, then a decent one of the other person, but it is impossible to have both people looking at the camera at the same time and not having a goofy face.

 Or you finally get the shot you were hoping for but it is out of focus.

Blake also likes when mommy does fishy kisses. She tries to do them but hasn't quite figured it out yet. It's fun to be goofy sometimes.

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