Thursday, May 26, 2016

7 Months Old

It's been a fairly uneventful month over here.
She continues to grow and has a good amount of chub to her. I love her squishy cheeks, her little belly rolls, and her chunky little thighs.

Austin has officially mastered sitting up. She sits up most of the time she is awake and is able to catch herself if she starts to tip.

Her siblings love watching her learn new things and are always saying how adorable she is. They love helping in any way, bringing her toys, grabbing  a diaper, giving her a cracker, etc.
She detests tummy time and refuses to even try. When you put her on her stomach, she immediately put her head down into the carpet and sobs. She wont try to lift herself up, roll over, anything. She just screams.
I have been trying to get her started on baby food, but she will not have it. She takes a bite, then becomes VERY tight lipped. If you try to put a spoon up to her mouth, she will back away, shake her head, and do everything to make sure you can't get it in her mouth. And if you are able to get some in, she'll likely just spit it right back out. The little stinker.
While she hates baby food, she enjoys gnawing on fingers, crackers, noodles, and other small things. She definitely acts like she wants real food. It's impossible for me to eat or drink anything without her attacking my food and trying to grab it for herself. She loves when I share my yogurt and green smoothies with her.
We spend a bit of time outside, and Austin loves looking around at everything and eating anything she can get her hands on. Some of her favorite things to chew on are sticks, leafs, wood chips, and grass.

We have had some really nice weather and have taken advantage of it and spent a lot of time outside. I was a little too slow getting sunscreen on Austin and her shoulders got a little bit red. Nothing serious or painful, and she didn't even notice. As you can tell from the smiles, she didn't mind.

I've been wondering when she would get some teeth and at times it seemed she might be teething, yet her gums always looked normal. No redness, and I couldn't see anything trying to push through. Then suddenly one day, she was sucking on my finger and I noticed she had two teeth. Two little teeth on the bottom. She will let you feel them, but she will not let you look at them. Her tongue is always in the way or she refuses to open up.
Austin has had a bit of a rough month. Perhaps it was due to teething, but I'm not so sure. She used to be content to either sit up or lay down and play with toys or just watch what was going on. The past few weeks, however, she insists on being held. It doesn't really matter who is holding her, but she wants some elevation. She screams the second you put her down, and will stop crying the moment you pick her up. It makes it difficult to do anything. I have to just let her scream so I can get stuff done. She has been a little happier the last week, so maybe the grumpiness was due to teething and has passed now. I can hope.

She still refuses to sleep through the night. She goes to bed between 7:30 and 8:00 pm. And every night she'll start crying around 10:30 pm. She's super reliable about it too. Often times I'll lay down for the night a little after 10 pm. I hesitate to go to sleep because I know, without fail, that she will be waking up any minute. And she always does. I'm not quite sure how to get rid of that one. I've let her cry, but she wont stop until she is fed. I guess I could let her cry longer, but it is easier just to give in and feed her. I guess it's my fault for taking the easy way out. I keep telling myself I start sleep training, then I get lazy and give in. One day. One day.
You can tell when it's nap time because she becomes fussy, but doesn't calm down when you pick her up. She loves to be held, so if she is still crying when while being held, then it probably means that it is nap time. And anytime she starts rubbing her eyes, you can be fairly sure that its time for sleep.

And she knows when you are about to put her down for a nap. When you walk into her room, she starts getting a little tense and anxious. Right before you lay her down in her crib, she squirms and starts to cry. I walk out and leave her and she is usually asleep within a few minutes.
While she is in her crib screaming, whether before her nap or once she wakes up, she grabs her blanket and chews on it.
Austin loves the swing. In fact, when I stop her to try and take a picture, she gets upset and cries until I start to swing her again. Then it's all smiles and laughs.
Austin seems to have her tongue hanging out of her mouth about as much as she doesn't. Especially when her teeth first came in, her tongue was constantly rubbing on them. I remember one Sunday in church, she kept sticking her tongue in and out, back and forth across those teeth. She did in pretty consistently for the entire hour of sacrament meeting.

While she may have been a little grumpier than usual, she was still very easy to make smile. And her smiles are just the cutest little thing around.

She is very ticklish and will laugh out loud when she is being tickled. Her prime spots are by her neck, under her arm, and her inner thigh. 

Her hair has started coming in more, but it still isn't quite long enough to do a pony tail or anything. She did have a patch on top that was about 3 times as long as the rest of her hair, but I ended up trimming it off and evening it out.

I know it's probably something I say every single month, but she has the brightest blue eyes. Especially when she is wearing something that really makes them pop, they are piercing. I've had numerous people stop me and comment on her eyes.  

She sure is a fun and beautiful baby and we love having her around. 

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