Friday, August 19, 2011


A couple in our ward invited us to go boating yesterday. I debated on whether to try finding a babysitter or not, but just decided to take Will with us. And he actually seemed to really enjoy it. The Hamilton's have awesome parents who let them borrow their boat, so thanks to both of them for letting us get out of the house for some fun. Friends + boat + tube = Super Fun Time. A few other couples bailed so it ended up just being the four of us, plus Will. And Beka is pregnant so that left 3 of us to ride the tube.

Lance did the most riding and looked like a little 5 year old having the time of his life. You couldn't wipe the grin off his face if you tried...well except for the few seconds when he was doing cartwheels across the water like a rag doll. When I rode the tube with Lance, I ended up backflipping over him while he somehow managed to stay on. Fortunately, neither one of us were hurt...too bad. Mostly we're both just really sore and tired.

 Took some pictures of Will in his silly hat right before we headed out to the lake.

Will loved the boat. He was so content and didn't cry once during the 2+ hours we were out. He would sometimes jabber when the boat was going and would sit content as can be. When we stopped, then he would start to get upset. He just wanted to go, go, go. We had a great time and we really want to thank the Hamilton's for inviting us along.

I decided not to take my camera because I figured I probably wouldn't really use it, but I regretted it once I saw Lance's face on the tube. Definitely picture worthy

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