Monday, August 22, 2011

Two Years

Things have been busier than usual around the Hinton household and I am doing my best to catch up on everything that has been going on. I am currently in the process of about 2-4 different blog posts, and hope to have them all finished and posted by the end of the week.

In the meantime, Will is currently asleep so I'm going to do my best to hurry and get at least this post started and finished. A few days ago as I was just thinking, I suddenly realized that I never did a post about our anniversary. So here's how it all went down. I took my camera with me on our date, but I never got around to pulling it out and actually taking some pictures. Now I'm definitely regretting that. So beware for a long post with no pictures. I know that is boring sometimes, but I really want to have the little details recorded for my sake.

I had debated long and hard about what we should do for our anniversary. I really wanted to do something nice like a trip to Hawaii or a vacation of that caliber, but at the same time I recognized our need to save our money. Then I considered just doing an overnight stay somewhere close, like Park City, Bear Lake, or Salt Lake. At one point, I was thinking of surprising Lance with a sunrise Hot Air Balloon ride over Park City. It sounded like a lot of fun to me, but again, it was a pricy adventure.

We finally decided to just stay home and pretty much relax and spend the day together. We spent the morning doing our usual activities while we waited for our friend to get off work so she could babysit while we went out to dinner and possibly a movie. Little did Lance know that I had a little surprise planned for him.

As far as Lance knew, we would be dropping Will off at my friend Ashli's for a few hours while we went to dinner then either a movie or some other activity. And for the most part, that is what happened...well except for the elaborate plan Ashli and I had come up with. You see, while Lance and I were out to dinner, Ashli was preparing a romantic evening on the roof of her apartment. Her apartment has access to her roof which has a great view of the valley. She was great enough to get it all set-up and ready. There were about 100 small candles lining a pathway toward the blanket. Unfortunately it was too windy to light them, but it still looked cool. Then on the blanket, there was a thing of brownies surrounded by flowers and some ice cream to go on top.

Meanwhile, Lance and I were out to dinner at Happy Sushi. We would highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys sushi. We tried about 4 different types and we enjoyed them all. I think our favorite was the Mexican Crunch. I don't remember the type of fish, but it was deep fried and very yummy. Once we were done with dinner, I got a text from Ashli saying that Will had a blow-out, and we had forgotten to pack some extra clothes so we needed to bring some as soon as possible. (This of course wasn't true but part of the plan to get him up to the surprise.) When we got to her apartment, there was a note on her door that said, "Dear Bobbi and Lance, Because this is such a special occasion, I have a surprise waiting for you on the roof. Walk on in and help yourself up to the roof." I tried to act all surprised and I think I did a pretty good job.

It was SO nice up there and very romantic. Lance was completely surprised and couldn't believe how sneaky I was. He kept shaking his head and saying "Nicely played". Suddenly so many things started to make sense. Like why I asked if he liked brownies or cookies better the night before. Or why I needed to run an errand that morning. Or why Ashli kept texting me.

It all came together so nicely and I am so grateful to Ashli for helping out so much. She set everything up and watched Will for us. Talk about an amazing friend! Lance and I stayed up there until it got dark, eating our dessert and just relaxing and enjoying the view. I had suggested the day before that maybe we could write vows to each other, since that is something we never did on our wedding day. So we both wrote vows (which were more like letters) to each other, talking about the good in the past two years, things we each promised to work on, and excitement for the future. It was actually a really great moment to sit and read those letters to each other, and if they weren't so personal, I would share with everyone because Lance's letter was so sweet.

The past 2 years have gone by so quickly. There are times where I feel like we were just barely married, but most of the time it feels like I have known Lance forever. Those single days feel like so long ago. If someone would have told me then that we would have a child before our 2 year anniversary, I would have said they were nuts. But I definitely don't regret our decision to bring Will into the world when we did. I am so blessed to have such a sweet little boy and an amazing husband to help me raise him.

Love you Lance!
Happy Two Year Anniversary!

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