Wednesday, August 31, 2011

4 Months

4 Month Stats
Height: 25.5 inches - 69%
Head Circumference: 43.5 cm - 80%
Weight: 17 lbs 12 oz - 92%

Here are some new things that Will has done within the past month.

As you can tell by the stats, Will is quite the chunker. He sure loves to eat. And when he is ready to eat, he wants it now. Don't try to make him wait or he'll throw a fit.
About a month ago, Will was sleeping between 7-9 hours straight and it was heaven. Then a few weeks ago, instead of sleeping until six or seven, he'd wake up between 4am-5am. If that wasn't bad enough, within the past week he's started getting up between 2am-3am. And while he goes back to sleep, its usually for less than 2 hours then he's up again. I'm hoping its just linked to the scorching heat and will improve once it cools down. But I've also been trying a few other things as well.

If Will is on the floor and Lance or I walk by within his vision, his eyes will follow us across the room.
One of those things I'm trying is feeding him cereal. His first time was August 28th. I'm hoping that by getting a few more calories during the day will help sustain him a little bit more at night. He sits in his bumbo and eats it off of a spoon. I am surprised at how well he does. It makes a bit of a mess, but he really doesn't spit out very much.
Will rolled over for his first time just within the last two weeks. At first I had him on his tummy and I positioned his arm in a way that would make it easier, then I helped him a few times. Then a few days later (August 20th) he rolled from front to back completely on his own. And I missed it! I put him on his tummy while I went to do dishes, and when I came back in he was on his back. So I rolled him over again, determined to watch. And of course he wouldn't move. I turned for about 5 seconds to see what time it was, and suddenly he was on his back again! The next time I actually saw it and caught the last half of it on video. He did it four times in one day, but has only done it once since. Still working on that one. And I'm completely fine with him not rolling yet. It's nice to be able to set him on the couch and not have to worry about him rolling off.
When Will is laying down, he will pull his head and shoulders up and try to sit up. He is getting stronger and stronger, and I wouldn't be surprised if he's sitting up within the next month of two.
Suddenly one day after he was done eating, he started sucking on upper lip. I wish I had a picture because it's hard to explain, but he will suck his upper lip in, making a smacking noise. And he usually does it off to one side so it looks quite goofy.
Will and Lance looking very handsome right before church.
Will is drooling and blowing bubbles constantly. A couple of weeks ago he was suddenly much fussier than normal. He was drooling, fussing, and always wanted something in his mouth. I was worried he might be teething already, but luckily is not yet. Not excited for that milestone.
Will never liked sitting more than about 30 seconds in his bumbo. He'll now sit in it for longer periods of time, though it really depends on the moment. He does much better if you're sitting there playing with him or reading to him.
He still really loves his baths. Sometimes when he is fussy and I can't seem to calm him down, I'll just stick him in the bath tub. Then he'll be content for as long as he's in there.
Can see his hair a little better in this one.
His hair started coming in a lot more, but it is fairly light so it's not always easy to see unless close.

I have really noticed an improvement in his hand coordination. Will is really getting good at grabbing and playing with toys or burp clothes. One of his favorite toys is this cool ladybug that my mom bought him.

He is definitely a little jabber box. He will take a deep breath, then just yell for as long as he can until he is out of air.Then he will take another breath and scream it all out.
Will is SUPER ticklish...under his arm pits, upper thighs, belly, chin, back...pretty much everywhere. When he is in the right mood, he will squeal with laughter.

I can get him to laugh at least once a day, and it is those moments that I live for.

We got him a jumper-ooo toy. He can't touch the ground and doesn't quite know how to bounce just yet, but he likes to look at all of the bright toys. I think it is something that he will like more and more as he gets a little bit bigger.
I took Will jogging for the first time this week in our new jogging stroller. My mom found a jogging stroller at a yard sale for a great deal and got it for us. I just lay Will on a blanket and strap him in and we're ready to go. He is never more content that when he is in the stroller. He just lays back, relaxes, and enjoys the ride. While jogging with the stroller is harder, I find I can push myself a little bit further. I think this is because I'm focusing on pushing the stroller and making sure I don't crash than paying attention to how tired I am. But even "pushing myself further" really isn't far at all. I probably only run about 1/2 a mile. I suppose it's a good start.
Will is growing so fast and is constantly learning new things. He definitely keeps Lance and I on our toes. It amazes me how much they change and grow in such a short amount of time.

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