Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hogle Zoo

We have had some visitors this past weekend and it was awesome! My mom came down on Wednesday night to come see Will and spend some time with us. She was super helpful and was willing to take him anytime, even if it was at three in the morning, She even watched him for a bit so Lance and I could go out on a much needed date. Thanks mom!

Yesterday, all of my sisters decided to go to the zoo. It was pretty fun to get out with all of the girls and our kids, of course. I was sad that Lance had to work and couldn't go with us. That also happened to be the day Will turned 4 months. Luckily we got there while the dinosaur exhibits were still there. Those were definitely the most popular with the kids. Even Will now giggles if I roar like a dinosaur.

I tried to sacrifice Will to the dino.
Will's first horse ride. Though it may not count since its a wooden horse.

My sister Kim and Will.
Will was SO good for the entire day. Oh sure, there were a few cranky moments, but otherwise he was just as content as could be (which was surprising for how hot it was). We sure walked around a  lot and by the end, I think the adults were as exhausted as the kids, if not more!
My mom.

Will's first time seeing giraffes.
Will's first train ride. Though this picture doesn't show it, he actually quite liked it.
 It was so cute to see all my little nephews get so excited to see everything. It will be lots of fun to take Will when he is that age.

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