Thursday, August 25, 2011

Snow Days

Snow in August? Thank goodness the answer is no. I am simply referring to the Snow family reunion that we went to last weekend. (Lance's mom's side.) We went down to Salt Lake on Friday afternoon. There was a "cousins party" Friday night then the rest of the family got together on Saturday. I was too lazy to take any pictures of the fun on Saturday so all of these pictures are from the activity Friday night.

All of the first cousins went to Lance's uncle's house in Lehi for some really good food and fun. All of the kids were left at home, except for the really small ones (like Will). After our bellies were hurting from so much food, we attempted to play a bit of volleyball. I say attempted because our stomachs were full and it often wasn't the prettiest game. It was still a lot of fun though.

We stayed with our friends, Joey and Emily for the night. They were house-sitting her sister's house so there was plenty of room for us to stay. I was a little bit worried about how Will would sleep, but he did amazing. Actually, he slept even better there than he usually does at home. But it was so nice just to hang out with them and we stayed up talking until I was practically falling asleep.

On Saturday, the whole family gathered at Brent and Carol's house in the Salt Lake area. They have a very large and beautiful home with a pool and tennis court. There were a lot of activities going on throughout the day and it was fun just to hang out with everyone. There were two bounce houses, slack-lining, swimming, basketball, car races, etc. and of course food.

    It was fun, and we enjoyed it.

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