Monday, February 13, 2012


That is something that Lance and I will get to hear exactly one month from today. Yes, you heard right. A month from now, Lance and I will be in paradise and I couldn't be more excited!

If you know ANYTHING about me at all, then you know I LOVE to travel, and I want need vacation time. I have been trying to plan a nice vacation pretty much since the day we got married. We went the cheap route for our Honeymoon, and while it was nice, it wasn't extravagant by any means.

We have been really good with budgeting and being frugal, so I decided it was time to splurge a bit. My aunt is currently living in Hawaii and has offered her home as a place to stay. She even plans on feeding us most of our meals. With an offer like that, we just couldn't refuse.  I mean, how could you say no to this place?
I've always been amendment that if we go somewhere tropical that we would go during the winter. I love Logan summers and I don't feel the need to vacation during the summer. But during the winter, it would be a great escape and a time to get away from the cold. So even though it didn't leave much time, we decided to go over Spring Break, which is in 4 weeks! Can you tell I'm excited yet?

We got a decent deal on airline tickets and are for sure going. No backing out now! We will be leaving on a Tuesday and coming back the next Wednesday. The bitter/sweet part is that we are leaving Will behind with my mom. There is NO WAY that I could handle taking him on such a long flight, and it would really limit what we could do. Plus, this vacation is a chance for Lance and I to spend some quality time together. Time without the pressures of school, work, or children. Those with children know how precious time alone with your spouse is, and how rare it is. So I am going to take full advantage of this and enjoy the week with Lance. Yes, we will miss Will terribly, but I think a little separation will be good, and it will help us to refocus.

I am SO incredibly appreciative of my mom for being willing to take him for so long. We'll probably have to drop him off in Boise a few days before we go, so we'll end up not seeing him for about 9 days! That sounds like forever! I'm trying not to think about that part, but just focus on the fact that we'll be in Hawaii, and he will be having fun with his cousins.
Isn't that just beautiful? I have actually been fortunate enough to have already been to Hawaii. However, I was pretty young and I only remember certain details. So I am super excited to take Lance and for us to have this adventure together. We're still trying to figure out exactly what we want to do....some options include: surf lessons, hiking, snorkeling, temple, Pearl Harbor, etc. I want to do things, but at the same time, I'd love to just sit at the beach and relax. Guess we'll have to have a healthy portion of both!

Want to know another great thing about Hawaii??? It is an amazing motivator. My "weight loss journey" has been going great and I am even more motivated to continue knowing that I'll be spending a week in a bathing suit. So in order to prepare for that, I have added another workout to my day. I'll still be going to the gym daily, but I wanted to add something else as well. So today I started the 30 Day Shred workout video. I've heard a lot about it and seen so many people get great results in 30 days. I'm hoping that I can see some results as well and that I can go to Hawaii feeling more confident about myself. My goal is to drop at least 8 more pounds before we leave, and to keep it off while we are there. That will be the real test.

Anyways, just wanted to share this exciting news with all of you. And I'll still be doing updates about the 30 Day Shred and how that progresses as well.

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  1. I am SO excited for you to be going to Hawaii!! That will be amazing! And definitely a well deserved trip for sure. You are doing AWESOME with your exercise program and are such an inspiration! Keep it up!! :)