Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 3 Update

Time is just flying by. My 30 day challenge officially ends next Wednesday. So I will hold off next week's post until after my official weigh in.

I can tell my body is getting in better shape. I am staying a little longer at the gym, and I am going at a faster pace. It feels really good. On an average day, I walk about 3 miles, then run for half of a mile. On Saturday, I was feeling great and decided it was time to push myself more and see if I could run a full mile. And I did. It took me 12 minutes, but I ran a full mile without stopping. Now I know this may not sound very impressive, but keep in mind that this was AFTER 50 minutes of cardio. Still not very impressive, but it was a big milestone for me. My goal is to eventually get it down to less than 10 minutes.

I was pleasantly surprised that I still lost as much weight as I did this week, considering my birthday and the Super Bowl. We had Pita Pit on my birthday and afterwards went out for frozen yogurt. Because I was cautious at both places, I was able to keep the calories down and still have a good day. And even though I didn't "full out" splurge, it was delicious! Seriously, it was perfect.

Yesterday was a little different story though. It was fast Sunday and that just about killed me. By the time we got home from church at 4pm, I was starving and not feeling well. I hurried and grabbed a snack. Then Lance's friends showed up for the Super Bowl game and all the treats/food came out. And...I caved in a bit. I was planning on only having a few bites, but because I was so hungry, I ended up eating more than I intended. But it still wasn't terrible and I was able to keep it under control.

Looking forward to this next week and to getting my $10! (Hopefully.)

Weight loss for Week 3: 4.0 lbs

I am now officially less than I was when I got pregnant, though not by much.

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