Saturday, February 18, 2012


I have a little shadow following me everywhere I go. It's about 2 feet tall and is the most adorable little "shadow" I've ever seen.
This little guy has started following me EVERYWHERE. And if I stand still for too long, he will crawl up to my legs and climb until he is standing up against my legs. Often times, he grabs my shorts to pull himself up. I've learned to keep my shorts tied tight, as I've had them pulled clear to the floor on more than one occasion.

When I come home from the gym, right when I open the door he starts crawling as fast and he can towards me. When I leave his sight, his first reaction is to scream. Then he'll hurry after me. This has become a little problem as he has learned how to climb stairs within the past 2 days. So if I go upstairs, he'll go to the stairs and start climbing (and his way of coming down is to stand up and turn, thus falling down face first.)

While it definitely makes it more difficult to get anything done, I am enjoying it while it lasts. Its kind of cute having a little person chase after you everywhere. And I know that one day soon, I will miss it and wish he would do it.

I was trying to do push-ups and Will would crawl right in front up me, practically under my face. Then he would grab my head and try to stand up right there. It sure made it hard to do any push-ups, but it also had me laughing too. (And him.) I'd move really fast and start doing them, then he'd hurry over. So I'd move again, and he'd just follow.

I love my shadow and I'm so grateful that he loves me enough to want to follow me around all the time.

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