Monday, November 28, 2011

7 Months

As tradition goes, here's another long post all about Will. Here are some of the things we've noticed in the past month:
Will likes to put things in his mouth, and then shake his head back and forth. It must feel good on him gums/teeth. One time he had his binky in his mouth and was holding his wipe case in his hand up to his face. Then he would rub the binky across the case and shake is head back and forth.

Here is a video of him shaking his head back and forth.

Will is starting to really enjoy rattles and anything else that makes noise for that matter. When I put him in his high chair, he will grab the rattles and bang them against the tray as hard as he can. The noise it makes is almost deafening, but I allow it because it keeps him happy. Our poor neighbors.
He sure is growing, as evident by this picture. His jackets are usually a bit short on his arms, but I notice this pair of pants are now floods.
Will learned how to click his tongue. He wont usually do it unless someone else does it first. He was doing it a ton for a few days, but now he wont do it. Good thing I got it on camera.
Will loves little kids. He will just watch them play forever. You can tell that he wants to be able to run around and play with them. Soon enough...
Will saw snow for the first time. See this post for pictures.

He gets so upset when he sees you leaving the room. But if he's playing and distracted, he is fine. Sometimes I'll throw a small blanket or burp cloth over his face then hurry out of the room.

One of Will's favorite things is to do Pat-A-Cake. Plus its one of the only ways I can get him to look at me while I am holding him. His favorite part is "roll it:. Makes him smile or laugh every time.
Look! I got two pictures showing his cute little teeth!

I'm not sure what it is about it, but the picture above is such a "Lance" face to me.
Will still has no preference for who holds him. I've been expecting him to start getting more antsy around strangers someday, but so far he is happy no matter who plays with him. I hope it always stays like this.

We've gotten on a pretty good nap schedule. He generally takes a nap 1.5-2 hours after he wakes up. And that nap can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. Then he usually takes a long nap in the afternoon sometime, like around 2pm. Then most days he will take a really short (25-45min) nap around 6pm. And he is in bed for the night by 9pm. If he misses his afternoon nap, his evening nap is usually longer. Or if his afternoon nap gets pushed until later, he will skip his evening nap.
Will likes when you throw a blanket over his head. Sometimes he'll pull it off, but other times he'll just sit with it over his head and not make a sound. It's pretty funny. He is also starting to like peek-a-boo. When you play peek-a-boo, he holds really still and waits for you to pull the blanket off. It's almost like he's hiding.

This is what happens when you let Will play with a pen for 2 minutes while talking on the phone: a pen in several pieces, and ink marks on his face.
At this rate, Will is never going to crawl. He wont spend more than 5 seconds on his stomach, and he freaks out if I try to make him stay. He probably wont learn how to crawl from his stomach. It'll probably happen when he's sitting up and trying to reach for something far away. As of now, he'll slowly reach but eventually just fall over on his face. But then he'll immediately rolls back onto his back.

When I try to get Will to hold his own bottle, he always turns it upside down and starts chewing on the bottom. Such a strange little boy.
One of Will's new favorite places is under the table.
Will can inch his way across the floor. But not on his stomach. One time I put him next to my feet on the ground. And a while later he was about 6 feet away. While laying on his back, he will arch his back and push with his feet, moving him backwards a little bit.

Will anticipates being tickled and he'll start laughing way before I even tickle him. Once I grab his arms and hold them out away from his body he'll start to giggle.
His volume range is increasing greatly, to the dismay of our neighbors, I'm sure. When he gets upset, he will let you know it.

As of three nights ago, Will no longer sleeps on his pillow or swaddled. Yay! And he's been sleeping better since I decided to make the change!

I fed Will some Little Puffs. They are like cereal, but dissolve fast. He liked to grab a few in his hands and crush them. Or smash them by banging his fist on them. I think the texture was different for him so he made a few faces, but overall I think he liked them.
And check out those eyes! Wow!

When he gets excited or angry or sometimes for no apparent reason, he will tense up his arms and shake a little bit.
And one last video. Lance had Will cracking up while we were eating at the Pita Pit. Sorry about the poor video quality and sound; it was taken with my phone.
Will also does his best to make some silly faces for the camera. Here are just a few:

And the thing people comment most about....his cheeks!
How could you not fall in love with those cheeks!

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