Monday, November 14, 2011

Alterations: Part 2

These projects all started with a friend's blog post about this really cute shirt she had made which included a link to the tutorial on how to do it.

A few weeks after I saw her post, they had a DownEast outlet sale thing going on here in Logan. Their plain t-shirts (that I LOVE and are normally around $12) were only $3! I suddenly remembered the shirt she made and decided that I wanted to try it myself.

I found three different designs that I wanted to try. I will post a link to the tutorial of each shirt, then show you how mine turned out.

Shirt #1
Tutorial - Pretty petals Tee
It doesn't really look like the one in the tutorial, but I still think it turned out ok. I think I may have added way too many flowers. And I didn't think the instructions were very clear, so I'm not sure I did it how it was intended.
 I think it's a shirt that needs a jacket, but I wanted to show a picture of what it looked like without.
Instead of using another shirt as fabric, I went and bought some fabric. I couldn't find this same shade of green so I went with a cream color for the flowers. This shirt cost me less than $5 total to make.

Shirt #2
Tutorial - Ruffle Shirt
This is the original shirt that I saw on my friend's blog. This is another shirt that needs a jacket over it. I didn't even take a picture without the jacket, because it just doesn't work. Overall, I like how this one turned out. The only problem is that the shirt is a bit tight around the mid section. Apparently the sizes ran a bit small, but they didn't have the pink in a larger size. I figured that since I would always have a jacket over it, I could possibly get away with it being a bit tight.

I bought two shirts for this one and used one of them to make the ruffles. So this shirt turned out to be a $6 shirt.

Shirt #3
Tutorial - Anthro Inspired Tee
 When I finished this shirt, I wasn't sure what I thought about it. I know, it's a bit funky. But I love it more and more every time I look at it. Also, notice it's the exact same shirt as the first one. Just added something different.
Again, originally wanted to do the detail in the same color green but I couldn't find the fabric to match it and I didn't want to go buy another shirt. But now I'm glad I experimented and tried it in the yellow. I really like it. Also, when I was finished, the edges wouldn't stay down and it looked really bad. So I ended up doing a stitch along the edges to hold the material down in place. On the tutorial, it suggests to tack them down and hide the stitches. I tried that on a few, but it was not going to work for my I improvised.

Like the first one, this was less than $5 to make.

Normally I'm all about plain and simple. I would typically just buy these shirts and be happy to wear them without adding anything. However, I decided that it was time to add a little variety to my wardrobe and spice it up a little bit. Plus they were fun and really easy to make...not to mention cheap!

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  1. Oh my goodness you are SO talented!! And my favorite is the green/yellow one. And super sweet deal on the shirts... that is so smart! I may have to "borrow" this idea when I actually have some time again lol