Wednesday, November 2, 2011

6 Months!

6 Month Stats
Weight: 19 lbs 14 oz - 84%
Height: 27.5 inches - 82%
Head Circumference: 45.5- 89%

Here are a few updates within the past month. It sure has been a busy month.
10/10- For the first time, I thought Will was going to roll from his back to his stomach. He will turn and get so close to rolling, then he stops. He about rolled right off the couch once! Looks like I'm going to have to start being a lot more careful about where I place him.
That face just makes me melt. Such a cutie!
I'm not sure if it's because he feels constricted in pants, but the second I take his pants off of him, he will grab his feet and start playing with them. But he rarely does it when he has pants on. Maybe they are harder to raise up, not sure.
Will now does so good in his car seat. He'll hardly ever cry when I put him in. In fact, sometimes when he's in a bad mood, I'll put him in his car seat and do a quick run to the store. He seems to like getting out. The only bad part is that he usually ends up falling asleep while in his car seat.
Happy in his car seat
10/16-Lance always lets Will suck on his fingers. Well this morning, Lance felt teeth! Will has two little teeth coming in on the bottom. As of now, they haven't quite broken through yet, but they sure are close.
This is one of my favorite pictures of Will.
Will has been chomping on his binki instead of sucking on it. He'll just gnaw at it and play with it, constantly pulling it out and trying to put it back in. I realize now that it was due to the whole teething thing.

Will got a new chair for bath time and he loves it. We can fill the tub up pretty full and he will just sit there and play forever. His favorite thing in the tub is the cup.
Will is now officially in size 3 diapers. He still fits in size 2, but they are a bit snug and I didn't want to buy a case of them and not be able to go through them all. So size 3 it is!

Will went on his first road trip. (Oct. 14th). We drove 5 hours to Cedar City. He did really well on the drive down and slept most of the way. The drive home was a little bit rough.
While in Cedar, it was Will's first time being around dogs. He liked them, but if they got close, he would grab their hair and not let go.
Will has his first real bubble bath on October 19th. Usually I just put him in water and soap him up a little bit. This time I decided to add the bubbles while it was filling up so it was a "real" bubble bath.
Like I said, he loves his cup.
10/21 - Will fell off the couch. I made the mistake of setting him close to the edge and not paying attention to him. I was sitting right next to him, but I was turned talking to Lance and suddenly he was on the floor. Poor kid was pretty upset, but stopped crying instantly when I walked outside. He sure loves it outside.

Will loves to blow bubbles and his neckline gets pretty soaked.

A week or two ago, Will wrote a note to Lance and left it in his car while he was at work.
Will has become so much better at sitting up without help. He can sit there for long periods of time just fine, especially if there is a toy in front of him to keep him occupied. And many times when he starts to tip, he will put his hand out to catch himself. Though there are still plenty of times where he tumbles.
Too interested in the paper to look at the camera.
Chillin at home after church

Will's hand-eye coordination is really good. If you hold something out in front of him, he will reach out and grab it to inspect it.

Will's favorite thing is paper. He loves to hold it, crinkle it, lick it, and eat it. I know it can be dangerous so I try not to let him play with it. And if he does, I make sure I'm close so he wont choke on it.
He is so curious about everything around him. I can tell he's such a sponge and learning so much. He is always looking at everything and he wants to hold everything himself so he can get a better look.
Will got the cold at the end of October and has a runny nose, cough, and he's much grouchier. Poor kid. He has not been eating as much and is starting to cough a bit. Sick babies are no fun. Fortunately, I think he is getting better.

He likes taking naps listening to EFY music.There is a specific song called "One Voice" that seems to be his favorite. There have been times where Will is screaming in his crib and the second I turn that song on, he quiets down and listens. Unfortunately it doesn't work EVERY time, but it sure has worked a lot!
Crashed after our morning walk.
I think Will has Lance's hair, and I'm so glad for that. Lance has SO much hair and I hope all of our kids get that from him. Lance's hair is also very curly and does this weird thing where one side curls one way, and the other curls the opposite way. It ends up so the hair on his left side is always curled out. Lately, I've noticed Will's hair does the exact same thing. Its fine on one side, but on the left side all of the hairs curl out. Its hard to tell in most pictures, but if you see him in person you can notice it.

He hates being left alone. When he sees someone walk out of the room, he gets upset and screams.
We are starting to wonder if Will might be left-handed. It seems like his left hand is his dominant hand, though it is hard to tell for sure this early. For some reason, I hope he is...but we'll see.

Will had peas for the first time and he HATED them. He kept gagging and making funny faces. Finally when I forced too many on him, he threw up all over. Serves me right.
 Will doesn't care who holds him or who plays with him. He shares smiles freely and doesn't withhold them for anyone.
And finally within the past few days Will has been saying dadadadadada. He sure loves his daddy. Its funny because he'll usually go dada dada dada then raspberry.

He sure is growing up fast and seems to learn something new each day. It's exciting to see him grow and develop more personality. We sure love him.


  1. Bobbi, Will is so adorable. He reminds me so much of you. Glad to see you guys are doing so well.