Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tis the Season

The holidays are here and Christmas is just around the corner! It seems like once Thanksgiving is over, the rest of the year just flies by. Lance had the day off Tuesday (Nov. 29th) so we decided it was time to "deck the halls" out with Christmas decorations...or maybe just our living room. I was excited because I knew that Will would be interested in all of the new stuff.

We pulled out all of our decorations and got to work getting everything put up. One of the first things we pulled out was this giant stocking my mom had given me. So naturally, I had to stuff Will in it and take some pictures.
Sometime during the process, I decided that I wanted different decorations for our tree. The past two years, our tree has had blue and white lights, with blue ornaments. I wasn't too thrilled about it because #1, it doesn't match our living room, and #2, it makes it hard to add new ornaments. Yes I am a bit OCD about things matching. It's annoying, I know. I wanted to start a tradition of getting a new ornament every year (with the date), and that's a lot harder to do with a blue themed tree. Plus I think colorful is more kid friendly. Anyways, long story short, we went and got new lights and ornaments.

While we were at Wal Mart, we tried this cute little headband on Will.
Will enjoyed helping Lance set up the tree. I love this picture of them working together.

I like how interested he is.
But he wasn't quite sure what he thought of the tree at first. He was really hesitant to touch it and didn't really like the piece in his lap. He came around quickly and was happy in no time.
Will and I after the tree was finished being set up.
 The end results, minus our star on the tree. (We have to take it back because we got the wrong color.)

We also lined the top of the walls with lights also to make it a little more fun and magical.
And here is a beautiful wreath we got.
And our adorable cookie jar. (Also notice the greenery on the rails behind the tree.)

 We also got our stockings up. I debated whether to make Will one to match ours, or make three completely new ones, but we just decided to go with what we already had. Yes, Will's is twice the size of ours.

I went out and found a star the next day, so here is an updated picture of our tree complete with star and a few additions under the tree.
Remember the cute antler headband at Wal Mart? Well I found similar ones at the dollar store and it was two for a dollar. So I decided to just buy it.
I hope everyone else is already enjoying the holidays as much as we are. 

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