Thursday, January 26, 2012

9 Months

9 Month Stats
 Weight: 21.74 lbs - 71%
Height: 29.75 in - 91%
Head Circumference: 18.5 in - 90%

1/10- Will learned how to get to a sitting position from his stomach. I've been hoping he would learn how to do this for a while now. I usually place him on the floor sitting down but then he sees something and goes on his stomach to reach it. Then once he has what he wants, he'd rather be sitting again.
Will is still not crawling, but he sure is close. When he is sitting up, he will go on his hands and knees, move forward a little bit, then decide to go on to his stomach. But he is still pretty mobile. He'll do that and get forward a few feet, sit back up, do that again...and suddenly he's to the other side of the room.
01/15- Will got his first real kiss (from someone other than mom.) There is a little girl in our ward that is a couple of months older than Will. Today in church, they were having quite a bit of fun playing in Sunday School. Will was so excited to have a friend. They just sat there jabbering to each other and playing for a bit. At one point, she was sitting pretty close, like practically on Will. Then she started to crawl away, back to her parents. Will grabbed her dress, pulled her back to him, then he leaned in and planted a kiss right on her mouth. He really needs to work on his technique though, because the girl seemed a little traumatized.
Another humorous kissing incident: We recently put up a few mirrors in our living room. And every time I walk by, I make a point to show Will himself in the mirror. It's so funny to watch him see himself. He gets a huge grin and starts talking to his reflection. One time as he was talking to himself, I told him give a kiss, and made a kissing sound. Sure enough, Will leaned into the mirror, and tried to kiss himself. Haha.
1/22- That morning Lance was ironing some shirts downstairs and apparently Will really wanted to participate too. Suddenly he started scooting/army crawling across the floor to the ironing board. This was the first time he had ever done anything like this.
Then within a few hours, he was no longer scooting, but actually taking several steps on hands and knees. My baby is crawling! He still is exploring it and not entirely comfortable crawling, but he is getting better each day.
He has also started pulling himself up to things.
His favorite thing: my leg. I can't sit anywhere without him coming over and crawling all over me. He will also knee against the couch, stairs...pretty much anything. And now he is even going from kneeling to standing up. It seems like he is suddenly learning so fast. It's fun and exciting to watch.

Will LOVES bread. I usually put him in his high chair and cut up green beans and put some black beans down for him. He'll very slowly and casually pick them up and eat them. Or he will play with them. But once I put a few piece of bread down with those, he will grab the bread and eat them as fast as he can. He has both hands shoveling bread into his mouth. He'll eat every crumb of bread while not touching anything else.
When Will feeds himself, he has to stick his fingers all the way into his mouth. He doesn't just put the food in, sometimes it seems like his entire hand goes in. Haha.
Will's favorite thing is to go to our entertainment center and pull out all of our DVD's. He doesn't like to play with them, or even look at them really. He'll just grab one, throw it behind him, and then grab the next.
Another of Will's favorite things is wires. He loves playing with cords such as phone chargers, camera connectors, computer wires, etc.
Will now has 4 teeth. Two in the middle on the bottom, and two off to the side on the top. He is currently teething and getting the teeth on the other side on top. This has definitely been the most painful teething episode for him. His gums have been swollen and bothering him for the better part of a week and still not pushed through yet. When something hard hits them or rubs them the wrong way, he'll scream forever and no matter what I do, he won't calm down. It's hard to see him so miserable.
He used to be the most content baby. Now it seems like he screams more than not. It's been going on for about a week, and I'm hoping its just a phase connected with his teething. But almost every time I sit him down, he will scream bloody murder. Then if ANYONE leaves the room, he will scream, even if someone else is still in the room playing with him. It could be a little bit of separation anxiety, but again, I'm hoping this phase doesn't last long.
This picture makes me laugh. He was so laid back and just relaxing while watching tv.
Will does some pretty weird and funny things. Like lately when he's eating in his high chair, he will sweep his arms and clear off the area in front of him. It sends his food to the edge of the tray, or on the ground. I got a video of it so you can understand it better. The first part is a bit slow because he wouldn't cooperate, but then it gets better. And at the end, he was just a giggling away. I love his laugh. (Looks like I can't get the video to upload on this post. I'll try again another time.)

The happiest time of the day is still bath time. He especially loves playing with his rubber duck and other bath toys. When you lay him down, he kicks and splashes like crazy. You can't sit next to the tub unless you have a towel covering you, unless you want to be soaked.

This picture makes him look so big! I can't believe how fast he is growing up!

When you put a shirt on Will, he can kind of help. He'll move his arms until he finds the arm hole, then he will straighten his arm to get it through the sleeve. I also started noticing today when you pull his arms out of his shirt, he will pull his shirt over his head. Such a great helper!
Will's sleep habits have been all over the place lately. On a great night, he'll wake up once. On a bad night, it could be anywhere from 3-5 times. And where he used to take two 1-2 hour naps, I'm lucky if he now sleeps 30 minutes. Again, hoping its just connected with this irritable phase and that he'll return to normal soon.
Will is starting to get brave and thinks he can do all sorts of stand up to things and let go when he's not balanced. Or open cupboards and slam them in his face. It's only 2pm today, and he's already fallen and smacked his head on the tv stand twice, his his head on his jumper 1 and tumbled many more times. I hate seeing him hurt so much, but I guess he has to learn somehow.
I've been trying to get a video of Will crawling ever since he started to a few days ago and I finally got one! Yay!
I love this picture of Will.

I love him more and more every day.


  1. How can you go anywhere without getting bombbarded with a million people tellin ya how stinkin cute he is! I can't believe how big he's getting! Miss ya!

  2. Ha ha your kid weighs as much as my nearly two year old. Too funny! I am glad you blog about him so I can still see him grow :)