Thursday, January 19, 2012


I have had an interesting day, to say the least. I had a bit of a rough morning. Will was not a happy baby and refused to go down for a nap. After several attempts, I FINALLY was able to get him asleep...only to have him wake up about 25 minutes later. (This was supposed to be a 2+ hour nap!) We'd had an extremely rough night last night, so by this point I was simply exhausted and very frustrated. Luckily I was able to go to the gym and work off some of that frustration/stress and get a little bit of a breather while Will was in the Day Care. That helped a ton and I felt much better.

Then right as I'm leaving the gym, I get a call from Lance telling me the car wont start. It's been randomly having trouble starting but it will usually work within a few tries. Not this time. So I headed over to campus to give him a jump. Nothing happened. After speaking with my brother, we determine it is most likely the starter, and we'll have to get it replaced. Plus we'd have to get it towed to the mechanics. Instantly all my stress and frustration returned. It would likely cost us between $200-$400 to get it fixed. Great.

Lance had to work pretty soon, so we left the car on campus and headed home. By the time we got home, I was freezing from standing out in the rain looking at the car. Plus my clothes were wet from sweating at the gym. Soon after we got home, I was curled on the couch with multiple blankets and a rice bag, simply trying to warm up. It was bad enough I had to convince Lance I was fine so that he would go to work.

After I warmed up, I began working on our "problem". The mechanic said they wouldn't be able to fix it until tomorrow morning. But we still needed to get it towed so we wouldn't get a ticket leaving it parked on campus overnight. And the last thing I wanted to do was have to pay for a tow truck.

After asking around, I learned that there were a few people in my ward with trucks. I called one of them and asked if he had any cables that could be used for towing and if there was any way he'd be willing to tow our car to the auto repair shop. And luckily, he said yes! Yahoo! First good news of the day! Because we didn't want to drag Will along, he decided to call another person up to go help him so that I could stay home.

Around 5pm, they stopped by our place and grabbed the keys to the car. I told them where it was parked and asked them to drop it off at the mechanic. They said they would leave the key with the mechanic so they could work on it in the morning.

Two hours later, they show back up at my door with my key. I was confused and unsure what they were doing. I figured they must not have left key with mechanic, but just decided to bring it back. Then it hit me, they had been gone for TWO HOURS! I panicked a little, asking them why it had taken so long. They kind of shrugged it off and wouldn't answer. Then I asked if there were any problems towing it. Again, they just kind of mumbled no. Finally I asked if the car was ok, to which they replied that it was fixed and handed me the key. Wait, what? The mechanic said they couldn't do it until tomorrow. These two men from our ward had gone at bought a new starter and replaced the broken one themselves. The car was parked in my parking spot, completely fixed.

I was stunned. Both of these men have families at home but they were so willing to take the time and help. And they went WAY above and beyond anything I ever expected. I felt bad enough just asking them to tow the car for crying out loud! I honestly just wanted to throw my arms around them and give each of them a big hug. That was such a big service to our family and I am so deeply grateful. I don't think they realized how much it meant to me. And it completely changed my day. I've had a smile on my face ever since they stopped by.

Prayers are answered, and we are so blessed. I am so grateful for those to men for being so willing to help and for taking time away from their families to serve us. You guys are awesome! Thanks!

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  1. SHUT UP!!!! That is the cutest thing I have ever heard! I love that people have charity in their hearts