Sunday, January 1, 2012


I don't know if anyone has noticed, but I kind of enjoy taking pictures. I'm extremely new to this whole "photography" stuff. I never realized how complicated it can be just to take a picture. No wonder you have to sell one of your kidneys if you want to pay for a professional photographer. While I am beginning to appreciate their work and talent more and more, I am still unable to afford them. This was the reason I purchased my nice camera last year.

But there is one thing I have learned during the past year. It doesn't matter how nice your camera is if you don't know how to use it. Yes, you can put most camera's on the easy option and get decent pictures. But for great pictures, it takes a whole lot more than just a nice camera. I have also discovered that a little editing can make an ok picture suddenly amazing.

Within the past few months I purchased the "premium" membership on It's only $25 for the entire year. At first I was a little overwhelmed and pretty much only used it for the standard things. But with a little practice and lots of experimenting, I'd like to think that I have improved greatly. I spend hours upon hours playing around and having fun editing pictures. Probably a waste of time, but I enjoy it.

So when Lance's sister, Melissa, asked me if I would take a few pictures of her and Izzy while she was in town, I was thrilled...and slightly nervous. It's one thing taking pictures of myself and my family, it's another thing entirely to take them of someone else.

It was a beautiful day and I had a lot of fun taking the pictures. (Though I learned that a dog can be harder to get to cooperate than a baby!) We struggled at first, and I was worried that I wasn't even going to get one good photo. Right as we were finishing up, Serena suggested we take some individual ones of Melissa. And I am so glad that we did! Melissa was so fun and willing to do whatever we told her. It was fun trying different poses and we ended up with a huge assortment of photos.

Thanks for braving the cold Melissa, and for letting me try some new things! Hope you're happy with how the pictures turned out.



My sister Cindy and her family is getting sealed in the temple next week and I am doing family pictures for her afterwards. Stay tuned for those!

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