Monday, January 23, 2012

Week 1 Update

This past week was fantastic. I went to the gym 6 out of 7 days and I ate extremely healthy all seven days. I didn't cheat once, which is a miracle considering the fact that I made cookies, pancakes, and other yummy  things for Lance. That's right, I tried an entirely new chocolate chip cookie recipe and I didn't have a single bite. If that's not self control, I don't know what is. Lance even made one of my favorite chip dips for the football games, but I didn't give in. I thought it would be more difficult, especially having to smell and see the things that Lance eats, but I've been surprised at the lack of temptation. Usually the tiniest piece of chocolate would last about...2.5 seconds in my apartment, but I find it doesn't it sound that great right now. (Thank goodness!) And if you know me at all, you know that is a miracle!

I think a big part of why I'm not craving junk is because of how good I am feeling without it. I used to feel sick and gross after most meals because I had eaten too much, or the food was so unhealthy. Now, I never feel sick or guilty or bad in any way after a meal. In fact, I usually feel really good about myself.

After I get a good workout in at the gym, my day is so much smoother. I have so much more energy and feel way more productive. Heck, on Wednesday I spent about 3 hours cleaning our bathroom alone...reorganizing everything, scrubbing every nook and cranny. And I enjoyed it!

Of course the biggest perk of all is feeling good about myself and the way I look. I can already tell a difference in how my shirts are fitting me and I love it! I even had to tighten my belt the other day because it just wasn't doing the job anymore.

I'm exciting to continue working hard this week and striving to be healthy.

Weight loss for week one: 5.2 lbs

I know this next week will be even harder to lose the weight, but I'm very motivated and determined to keep it up. Look below for details off my workout and eating regiment.

Workout: I prefer going to the gym first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. And as of now, I am focusing mostly on cardio to burn as many calories as I can. Eventually I will incorporate some weight training, but for now I am going to stick with the treadmill.
 -Treadmill: Walk at pace 3.8 mph, incline 12% for about 2.5 miles. Then I jogged 0.5 miles at 5.0-5.5mph. Then do a little cool down. This usually takes between 45-55 minutes. Each week I plan on increasing the distance that I run.


Protein fruit smoothie right after my workout.

Lunch/Dinner: Several options: Grilled chicken breast, lettuce, cucumber, peas, salsa on either a tortilla or bread. Or occasionally I'll make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to have with a bowl of vegetables.
My favorite find this week are these flat bread/bun things. They are great for making sandwiches! They have half the calories as a normal piece of bread, half the amount of carbs, and taste great! I'm a huge fan!
Well I think that about covers my update! Didn't plan on it being this long, sorry! Stay tuned for the weigh in next Monday! Hope everyone has a great week!

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