Sunday, January 15, 2012

Families Are Forever

January 7, 2012
This was a very special day, and I am so happy that I was able to be a part of it. On this day, my sister Cindy and her husband went through the temple for the very first time. There they were sealed together for time and all eternity, along with their two boys. In the temple, we can be bound to those that we love forever so we can be with them after we die. 
What a great blessing! I would hate to think that I would never see my family after I die. And yet there are so many that believe that is the case. I feel so grateful to KNOW that I will be with my family forever.

After we did the endowment session, we all went straight into the sealing room. Once Cindy and Josh were sealed together, they brought in the boys. And then the room got very emotional. There was such a strong and amazing spirit in that room. The boys walked in quietly with their arms folded, all dressed in white. They looked so adorable it was a special moment. I am so happy for my sister and her little family. It was an amazing day and one I'm sure she will never forget.

Cindy asked me to take some pictures when they got out of the temple. It had just snowed that morning so there was a beautiful layer of fresh snow covering the ground. It was absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, it also made the boy very cold and not super cooperative for pictures.
I took as many as I thought the boys could handle, then we sent the back inside to get changed.


 While the boys were getting dressed, I took some pictures of Cindy and Josh alone.


Isn't the temple wonderful? This was my first time doing a session at the Salt Lake temple since I did my own endowments. It was really nice to go back and to go for such a special reason. I'm so proud of my sister and am blessed to have such a great family. I love you all.

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